Guidelines for Automotive Washing

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Guidelines for Automotive Washing Car washing is considered a part of auto maintenance. Washing cars is great factor to ensure its performance and functionality. And there are guidelines in order to efficiently wash your cars. These guidelines are considered to be important.  

  • Always remember not to wipe or dust the car’s body with the use of dry cloth for it can scratch the paint of the car.
  • Avoid washing a car under hot sun for it can crack the car’s paint and might ruin its finish.
  • Before washing always ensure that sunroofs and windows are closed.
  • Hose down the car before washing in order to get rid of the dust on the surface then followed by cleaning and polishing the exterior surfaces.
  • It would be better to use lukewarm or cold water together with hose compared to a bucket of water. In order to wet and rinse the vehicle.
  • Use car wash mit, sponge or soft rag in order to help you clean small areas.
  • Follow the surface contours than going into circles in order to prevent from cow webby scratches.
  • And always remember to use gentle cleansers.

If you are into having cars then it would be of great importance if you are to properly wash your car. And the guidelines provided above are of great help. If you are to efficiently wash your car then it will provide you with great savings not just for cost but as well in terms of time and effort. And with this, your car is to look great and always new.

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