DIY Car Detailing Tips

DIY Car Detailing Tips Car detailing is far different from car wash and this is somehow a misconception about its real meaning. Unlike car washing which only involves cleaning mainly the exterior and partly the interior while detailing includes the act of both cleaning and reconditioning inside and out of the car. This is a careful process so it should be done step-by-step in order to restore the beauty and quality of the car. If you want to do it by yourself, and then follow the right tips and these can be the following:


  1. Wipe out the top and bottom part of the interior part of your car. Your main concern for wiping your cars is the most important such as windows and dashboards. Do this to follow proper cleaning strategy.
  2. Remove things inside the car and in the trunk. This is necessary to make the cleaning time easier and more convenient. Do not let any stuff inside except for the stuff within glove compartment.
  3. Use car vacuums. If you have a vacuum for your car, it would be easier for you to do detailing. Vacuum cleaner gives superb cleanliness for the interior part of the car so get your own car.
  4. Use fabric cleaner. Using fabric cleaner to clean the carpet, the floor and the seats is very helpful for detailing car. This can even give you a new brand look for your car.
  5. Use car air freshener. When you want a double refreshing feeling after you clean and recondition your car, the help of air freshener will always count. Look for a good brand and use it to refresh the smell of your car.
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Tuesday, 24 May 2022
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