New Fukken Wax car apparels appeal to guys who love their vehicles and want to make a statement. The Fukken Wax emblem offers a distinctive logo that gives people a clear idea of your favorite auto detailing products. Now you have an opportunity to grab a new car apparels sticker for FREE. We also have car apparels that appeal to motorcycle enthusiasts, auto lovers, boat lovers, ATV enthusiasts or anyone who likes to keep their autos looking extra spiffy.

Among the car apparels series within the Fukken Wax collection, you’ll find:

  • Fukken Wax t-shirts
  • Fukken Wax stickers/emblems
  • Race t-shirts
  • Car apparels and accessories
  • Interior and exterior detailing supplies

What’s so great about car apparels by Fukken Wax? Here are the top 5 reasons to choose Fukken Wax car apparels:

1. To show off your auto lover’s spirit

Tell the world about Fukken Wax professional car apparels by wearing or giving someone one of our t-shirts.

2. For comfort

Fukken Wax is easy to apply, remove and gives your automobile a nice afterglow. We’re all about taking it easy, so we make our car apparels personify this same great spirit.

3. Loyalty

You’re a fan of Fukken Wax and have been one of our faithful customers for awhile. You want to show off your favorite car care product with our creative car apparels and products.

4. Awesomeness

C’mon, admit it. Our name and logo is just purely, awesome. Wear Fukken Wax car apparels with pride!

5. Affordable

Where else can you jazz up your wardrobe and car with unique car apparels that tell the world how much you love our Fukken Wax auto products? The sticker is free (limit four per household), so you can’t get any better than that.

6. Conversation Topic

When people see you wearing Fukken Wax car apparels, they’ll really chuckle. Our name is unique just like the auto care products we carry. We did it on purpose!

7. Just Because

Whether you just want to feel good about your car and your appearance, our car apparels will do the job with world-class perfection.

Go ahead and order Fukken Wax car apparels today, and wear ‘em or stick ‘em with pride. Take a look at our new and classic car apparels here.

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Fukken Wax Sticker

$1.00 per unit for buying at least 5