Please allow me to introduce you to Fükken Wax — the revolutionary waterless wax for cars, trucks, motorcycle, boats, wave runners and more! Maybe you haven't heard of Fükken Wax. Or, perhaps you are still considering adding this professional grade wax to your assortment of fine auto detailing products. Either way, your customers know about Fükken Wax, and they want it. Here are just some of the reasons why Fükken Wax has been flying off shelves around the country...and the world!

Fükken Wax is formulated from the highest quality #14 yellow Carnuba wax. We took this highly sought-after auto detailing wax and converted it into a convenient aerosol spray. So, Fükken Wax goes on smooth and buffs easily into a brilliant shine that is both protective and eye-catching!

Pit crews worldwide choose Fükken Wax to make race cars look their best for the camera. The waterless aerosol formula goes on quickly and easily, while keeping tires dry and soap free. So, Fükken Wax makes race cars look great without compromising the traction of their tires!

Our waterless aerosol formula is a big hit at car shows, and showcase garages, too. Car collectors around the world love Fükken Wax, because they can use it to quickly touch up dull spots. Just a quick spray and a swipe with a soft cloth, and their pride and joy are ready to impress the audience and the judges!

  • Fükken Wax Car Wax
  • Fükken Wax Chrome Wheel Wax
  • Fükken Wax Motorcycle Wax
  • Fükken Wax Boat Wax
  • Interior Detailing Products
  • Apparel, Accessories and More!

Getting the picture? Fükken Wax is a high-performance, easy-to-apply European-style auto detailing wax made right here in the U.S.A. We, along with our many satisfied customers sincerely believe it's the best wax on the planet! We would be very excited and delighted to be included within your fine retail outlet. Please review our full line of Fükken Wax products to your assortment today!