Max Your Wax With Accessories

The Fukken Essentials. You\'ve already chosen the auto wax the pros use. Why stop there? Check out these top quality car care accessories. From soft terry cloth towels to micro-fiber cloths to the convenient Fukken Wax Can Gun, we have everything you need to give your ride that showroom shine.  High-Quality Microfiber  cleaning Cloths leave a great shine on your vehicle after waxing with Fukken Wax.

  • Terry Cloth

Make your Fukken Wax application work even better with our high quality terrycloth or microfiber cleaning cloths. Whether you are wiping down your vehicle or making sure that your application is even, our accessories ensure a great shine. Terry cloths work whether you need to wax on or wax off.

  • Applicator Can Gun

Our Applicator Can Gun is ideal for larger jobs – from motorcycles and cars, to big rigs. The spray Can Gun attachment clips on to Aerosol Can. Save your fingers for other things.  This makes the job even easier.

  • Microfiber Cloth

Polish your car to perfection with Fukken Wax’s exclusive microfiber cloth.  This multi-woven soft cloth is versatile enough to use on your auto and chrome – won’t scratch or damage your precious wheels.

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Fukken Wax Sticker

$1.00 per unit for buying at least 5