5 Best Car Waxes – an Unbiased Glimpse 

We all know the PURPOSE of car wax, but many people become confused when determining the BEST car wax. Which is best? Which works the longest? And which one is less likely to be complicated to rub on and off? The process of waxing your car is time consuming, especially if you’ve ever used those waxes that rub off hard after they dry in the sun.

 And then there are different types of car wax. Paste auto wax, liquid auto wax or spray auto wax. Too many decisions to make! Is there any difference in durability? Does buying a more expensive auto wax make it better than a cheap one that you can buy at any random department store?

 Well, these are all tough questions but the most important traits you need to look for in high quality automobile wax are these:

  • Ease of application: Determine how easy the car wax is to apply and wipe off. Some are thick and take forever to rub on and off, making the work of detailing your car painstaking.
  • Auto Wax Quality: Some cheap car wax may work just fine, but they don’t last long and your car may go right back to what it looked like before you did all that work within a couple of weeks. What good is that? Invest in something a little better and save having to repeat the car waxing process.
  • Formula: Make sure the car wax you choose uses high quality ingredients, such as Carnauba wax #14 yellow. Coming from a Brazilian palm tree, this is known to work best.
  • Performance: How long the auto wax will hold up is very important. 

Now, here’s a glimpse of the Top 5 Auto Wax products: 

#1 – Fukken Wax: Used by the pros, this auto wax is an affordable version that is really easy to apply from its aerosol can. It uses high quality #14 Carnauba wax for the ultimate shine that lasts a really long time. Many auto dealerships use Fukken Wax and it’s also very popular in the European market. Those Europeans know cars, so this stuff is top notch. Plus it’s affordable at only $14.95 for a can or even less for a wholesale box. And users give Fukken Wax auto wax 5 stars! It even comes with a guarantee, so what more could you ask for? 

#2 – 5 Star Shine: It claims to use NASA Technology and great protection from UV rays. That’s great! It also has a guarantee and uses a unique formula that is undisclosed. It seems to do everything it says it will, however the major drawback is the price. You have to buy a whole kit, which starts at $69.95. That’s a little pricey but if you want to spend a lot, go for it! 

#3 – Turtle Wax: Nearly everyone has heard of Turtle Wax because it’s widely available at department stores. They have a lot of different kinds to choose from and it’s not terribly expensive, either. It also uses Carnauba Wax, which is good. However, both the liquid and paste versions of Turtle wax can be a bit more of a pain than other kinds of auto waxes to wipe on and off, unlike car waxes that use aerosol spray-on technology. If it were up to me, I’d go the easy route for a long-lasting shine that doesn’t require a whole afternoon of waxing labor. 

#4 – Armor All Ultra Shine: People have been using Armor All to clean tires for awhile, but they also have a wax that is readily available in many retail outlets. The biggest pro is that it’s cheap, but the biggest con is, well, that it’s cheap. It doesn’t last as long as some of the better rated waxes out there so you may have to redo all of that work you spend waxing your car again within a month or so. Maybe less. The spray bottle is cool, though. 

#5 – Juicy Car Butter Wax: We like a lot about this wax. It’s very easy to apply, hence the name “butter”. Indeed, it goes on and off smoothly. Car butter uses high quality ingredients like natural Carnauba and a blend of polymers and resins. It doesn’t stain plastic or rubber so if you make a mistake and rub it on the bumper or grill, no biggie. Users say it lasts a long time, too, so that’s a bonus. The shocking price tag of $64.95 may be out of the league for those who just want to wax their car, so it may be just as well to purchase a top car wax without having to break the bank.