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Fukken Wax? YES, Fukken Wax is the Euro-Style Wax that was developed in the USA.  With our secret waterless formula, our products are far superior then the rest.

Read all about Fast Wax waterless car wash spray in an aerosol auto wax can.  It will make your car shine for a long, long time.   Fukken Wax is the best car wax on the market today, and other car wax companies are sadly trying to catch up.  Fukken Wax and RGS Labs outlast the competition through innovative strategies and a tenacious need to be the best.  Everyday, our chemists are discovering new ways to increase our line and improve the already-best wax formula on the market.

  • Can of FUKKEN WAX

Life should be easier – and now it is. You have bigger things to worry about than wax, so now you can get the same high-quality euro style car wax shine – without the effort! Our waterless wash and wax comes in an easy-to-apply aerosol can.  Keep your car looking pristine with Fukken Wax waterless wash and wax!


Chrome wheel wax. This is not simply a chrome cleaner, but a wax-protecting finish left on your chrome wheels. Fukken Wheel Wax will remove brake dust, grime, and shine your chrome rims.


Your motorcycle has fine, specially crafted lines that need to be cared for properly. Fukken Wax comes in an aerosol spray can that makes it easy to apply evenly – over all those beautiful curves.  Ride hard and look good – all you need is one application of Fukken Wax motorcycle wax polish!


Sweet days of riding waves out into the open sea can take a toll on your boat or yacht.  Make sure your baby stays vital and active for years of fun on the water with the proper application of boat wax products. It’s easy to apply and extremely long lasting.

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Fukken Wax - Can

Fukken Wax Premium Spray-On Car Wax with Improved Formula. ...


Fukken Wax- Case (12cans)

Fukken Wax Premium Spray-On Car Wax with Improved Formula. ...