For well over 15years, Fukken has been providing car crazy people with specialized surface care formulas for transforming their automobile from its previously dull and dusty appearance into a sophisticated, immaculate and glimmering one. We believe in creating a good rapport of our products among our clientele. Therefore, after years of experimentation, Fukken Labs introduced its revolutionary Fukken Aerosol Wax in 2003. Today, with more than 10k units of merchandise sold annually, Fukken wax strikes out as the ultimate chemical which ensures that not a single blemish mars your vehicle!
If you are a choosy car enthusiast, picking the ultimate cleaning wax may be a mind-boggling decision for you. However, look no further when Fukken Wax is at your rescue!
Our Waterless Cleaning Wax is a special combination of cleaning agents, lubricants, and #14 yellow carnauba wax. We make no compromises when it comes to product quality. Although most aftermarket brands claim to deliver you with supreme quality, very few brands like Fukken stay true to their words in furnishing you with the best results.
In addition, our team possesses unparalleled skills and expertise which eventually makes all the difference while considering product selection and method of application. So, let us take the utmost care of your hard-earned vehicle!