When to wax your car?

To see your car buried in dust and dirt is a big pain. When you drive a dirty car, you get unwanted attention and comments. Apart from this, it also slows down your driving speed, as the dirt on the windshield may hamper your vision or dirt may have stuck on the wheels of the car. No matter how fast you drive, those dirt and dust particle slows you down. So it becomes necessary to clean your car in a routine. However, you can maintain its look and appeal by using a car wax.

What is the need of a car wax? You might have observed tiny swirl marks on the car’s paint. No matter how good you take care of your car, these marks stay on the exterior. When you wash your car, the brushes at the automatic car wash are holding this dirt. This dirt in the brushes causes swirls on your vehicle. Apart from this, when you use a washing mitt to clean the surface. The dust particles that are adhered to the cloth gets stuck on the exterior causing swirls. The proven method The best make your car look all new is by using a car cleaning wax. Many wax contains light abrasive to remove stains from the paint. These products make your car look shiny and new. They conceal the swirls on the paint. As it wears off, the stains return. In a way, these products, formulate a protective layer around the surface and makes sure it looks gleaming Using a carnauba-based product is the best way to perform this job. These are also available in spray form that is easy to use and apply. How to apply? Shake the bottle well. Take your car in a shady area. Clean the dust from the car with a cloth. Spray a little amount of it on the surface of the vehicle. Let it stay there for a few minutes and then rub it off. After this, use a soft terry cloth to buff the polished area. Do this back and forth motion. Repeat this process once or twice for the best results. Research well before you buy a product. The product must contain natural ingredients. It must be abrasive to remove the marks on the paint. With one application, you can notice the change. If you want your car to look radiant, use waterless car cleaning wax regularly.

Products that make job easier while waxing the Car
Car Wax in Aerosol Spray form


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Thursday, 09 February 2023
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