Waterless car cleaning wax- Useful tips

Waxing your car seems tough when you do not know the right technique to perform the task. This article discusses the method of waxing your car. Things you need to wax your car:

  • Clean and dry car
  • Bottle of waterless car cleaning wax
  • Clean terry cloth towels
  • Small sized sponge

Prior applying a waterless car wax, you should clean your car properly. There must be no dirt on it as it causes significant scratches on the exterior of the auto. It also harms your paint and finish of your car. Use a terry cloth to clean the car. Do not use a rough cloth. Useful tips

  • Avoid waxing your car in the direct sunlight. Park your car in the shade and then perform the procedure.
  • Your car must be thoroughly dry and clean before applying the product.
  • Always use Carnuaba car wax for your auto. They do their job well. These products are available in spray form. Spray a small amount of it on the surface. Wax the car in clockwise circular motion. Ensure you cover a particular area at one time. Let the wax stay on the car’s surface and then buff using a terry cloth.
  • You can also apply 2 to 3 coats of to get the desired results.
  • It is advised to use waterless car waxes twice a month
  • Ensure the wax do not contain any hazardous ingredient in it. They may harm the car’s paint.
  • After you have waxed your car, now wash the terry clothes in warm water to clean them.
  • Do not use a dirty cloth for buffing the wax.

These steps assist you in attaining the best protection for your car. After you have waxed your vehicle, you will be amazed by how new it looks. A classic car also starts looking all new after you wax it with the best quality product. Follow these steps and your vehicle gets the professional finish. For maintaining your vehicles, use high quality Fukken Wax. Our waterless car cleaning wax is a boon for car lovers. With it, you can wash and wax your car in a single go. It is less time consuming and offers the best results. We assure you that it makes your car look gleaming as if you have just get it out from the showroom. Call us for more details.

Car Waxing Tips
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