Waterless car cleaning wax- benefits

If you want your car to look shining as well as lower the water bills, waterless car cleaning wax is the solution you are looking for. Apart from money, it also helps you lower carbon footprint. As the name implies, the product lets you clean your car and make it look radiant. All you need to do is apply it to the vehicle and then rub it off using microfiber towels. It gives you a polished and clean looking car. The procedure just takes twenty minutes. Here are the reasons for which you should switch from water cleaning to waterless cleaning of your vehicle. It saves much money: When you wash your car with water, it cost you between $5 that adds up to $240 yearly. A waterless car cleaning wax comes at just $14.95.

The large 17.5oz aerosol can waxes four average sized vehicles at a time. You save water: Every time you turn the hose on your car, you waste 100 gallons of water. An average sized vehicle uses 40 gallons of water. With waterless car wash, you use only as much of water it takes to spray on. It saves time: When you wash your car, it takes you hours. In just 20 minutes, waterless car cleaning wax gives your vehicle showroom finish. It saves a lot of your time in other ways as well like:

  • Saves the time that takes from driving to and from the car wash.
  • Cleaning areas that were missed during the wash

There is no scratching: Waterless auto detailing products have natural ingredients in them that form a coating around the dust particle. It does not let dust, scratch the exterior of the vehicle. A strong jet of water blast these particles on the surface, which damages the paint. Moreover, microfiber used during waterless car washes lifts the dirt, and gentle buffing action safeguards your delicate exterior. Wash and wax all in one: Such auto detailing products contains cleaning emulsifiers. The Carnauba wax forms a protective coating on the paint, making it look gleaming. After the process, the car’s surface appears smooth and glossy. These are the benefits of using waterless car cleaning wax. You save water, money and your paint. Unlike other environmental friendly products, these items are affordable and lets you gain in every possible way. Fukken wax is a revolutionary car cleaning wax formula. It is available in 17.5oz can. It uses the highest quality of # 14 yellow carnauba wax and is ideal to use on paint, fiberglass and chrome glass.

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