Washing and Waxing-Important steps to extend the life of your auto

One of the main attractions of the car is its color. This is the reason all car owners want to maintain the color of their cars. Car paint fades over time and, therefore, you need to take good care to preserve it. In this article, we will have a look at the factors that lead to fading of the car’s paint and how you can make your car look all new after years of its purchase. Sunlight is the main enemy of the car’s paint. A vehicle that is constantly exposed to harmful UV rays of the Sun start losing its brightness. To prevent damage to your car due to the Sun, it is recommended to park your vehicle in the shade.

Apart from the Sun, there are many other natural factors that lead to fading of the car’s paint. They are sea salt, pollution in the air, insects and acids in the bird droppings. Make sure you keep your car covered when parked outside. Tips that help keep your auto shining throughout: Wash your car regularly: You should wash your car every two weeks. You can even do this more frequently. Choose the right washing and polishing agents to clean your car. Refrain yourself from using an abrasive material on the surface of the car. Always use a soft duster instead. Wax your car: Waxing your car gives extra protection to your auto. It helps maintain its sheen, but make sure you do not use car wax more often as this can damage the car’s paint. Use a wax application sponge pad. It reduces the time required to apply the wax. After a while, remove the wax from the surface using mitts or a terry cloth towel. Choose a car wax that is good and long lasting. The wax should last for two months. Buying a car protection film: Buy a quality protective film that can last for five years. It gives your car a glossy finish and prevents the appearance of scratches. For car wax, it is recommended to get professional advice. Car wax you choose should be long lasting and made from natural ingredients. They must be easy to apply and top of that must offer required protection to your car’s paint. By giving your auto a good care and using quality products on it, you can preserve its beauty for long and reduce the chance of it getting damaged. This extends the life of your vehicle.

Maintaining the look of the car
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