Taking care of your car- Synthetic versus Carnauba wax

Simply washing your car is not enough to keep it shining. You have to put some extra efforts to make it look all new. Car wax is the one the ideal ways to sustain the autos sheen and look. However, before choosing one, it is imperative to know which is the right wax for your car. The writeup discusses a few things you need to ponder on before choosing the correct wax for your auto. Wax or polish In the past years, there have been much buzz about car detailing products. Car wax and polish both are available in the automobile stores. There are many differences in both of them.

Car polishes contain abrasives and fillers that help you get rid of little scratches on the exterior of the auto. The surface of the car tends to get swirl marks that are a result of rotating brushes during the car wash. Applying a car polish helps you remove them. A car wax, on the other hand, performs another function. It does not do much in terms of removing those marks, but it gives it a form of protective coating that help in preventing scratches. It also gives the paint a shinier finish. So a car polish is to remove small imperfection from the surface of the vehicle while the wax is to give it a showroom shine. Choosing the right wax Synthetic wax versus Carnauba wax However, all car detailing items available in the market claims to be the best. The most common dilemma a car owner wrestles with is whether to pick natural Carnauba wax or synthetic car wax. Carnauba wax: It is made up from natural ingredients and gives you car’s paint a deep and clear shine. It also protects the vehicle’s paint from the environmental elements like rainwater. It repels the rainwater and prevent it from seeping into the paint and causing it to rust. They are harder to apply, but the sheen it gives to the exterior of your vehicle is unmatchable. It offers long lasting shine to your vehicle as it has a high-melting point due to which it can withstand even relatively high temperatures. Synthetic waxes: As the name implies, synthetic waxes are not plant-based. They contain chains of compounds made of petroleum sources. They often called sealants and may last as long as a year. They do not give you the same sheen that Carnauba wax does. They are easy to apply. When it comes to the right wax for your car, Fukken wax is the product to turn to. Made up from Carnauba wax, it offers showroom shine with just a little extra effort.

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Thursday, 09 February 2023
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