Since the beginning of the Automobile, auto owners have always wanted the showroom new shine


Since the beginning of the automobile, car owners have wanted to keep cars looking showroom new. That’s what makes car ownership so much fun. Cars are part of the American landscape in so many ways. How many fathers have taught their son’s to be stewards of their cars? Throughout history cars have become such a part of our everyday lives. Who would have thought how the automobile would affect our lives. Fathers who have passed down knowledge of cars. How many racing drivers or world class mechanics got their start in Dad’s garage at home, that watching their dad work on some old heap would spark a lifetime of achievement for a child who thought that what dad was doing was the coolest thing ever. When you think about fond memories. How many of them include a car? How many times did you get in trouble with your parents car? What about the day you got your first car? This should really get you thinking about how much fun owning a car can be.

Weekends washing the car with Dad is a time honored tradition in many families. Having fun with kids building family traditions that are passed down through generations. Imagine your son or daughter telling your grandchildren fun stories of Saturday’s washing the family car, more to the fun of spraying each other with the hose or dumping buckets of water on your dad. Beautiful memories! It’s not just about going out to the driveway complaining you have to wash the car. For generations of car enthusiast the memories of washing & waxing the car with your dad will be told at holidays for all to share. Teaching your kids how to take care of a car they will own someday. It’s more than just washing a car. It’s teaching your children to care for what they have. A family tradition that is more than just a tradition, it’s also a learning experience. This is something your children will carry on throughout life. That is the best gift any parent can hope to bestow on a child. As you can see from our photos this tradition has been passed down for generations. Something as simple as washing and waxing the family car can give your family memories to cherish. Sitting in your garage soaking wet with a beautifully clean car sharing a moment with your kids that will last a lifetime. For us at Fukken Wax this is at the end of the day a pretty cool memory for us to. Knowing we play a small part in this lovely family tradition.

Taking care of our cars is not just about “it has to be done”. It’s a part of America. How many School programs in your neighborhood are hosting a car wash event to raise money? Church’s whose congregations are raising money for this project or that. Muscle car guys that are hosting bikini car washes to raise money for a local charity. How many times as a kid did you and your friends get together to raise money for band, cheerleaders, school programs. Surely those are fond memories. As they should be! It’s easy to see that taking care of cars is truly a part of Americana. At Fukken Wax we completely understand that caring for your car is more than just a world class product. Like we said owning a car is fun. Our products are designed to apply easy and give your car, motorcycle or boat a professional shine. Our spray on wax is a simple application process. Being simple will allow you more time to have fun with your family taking care of family cars. Spraying the kids with the water hose more to the point.


Just as important is teaching our kids how to properly care for a car. That having the right products to care for a vehicles finish is just as important as the fun you will have. So taking some time to show them how a clean wash bucket and sponges will make sure they don’t scratch the cars paint surface. Soaps designed for automotive paint finishes are necessary. Making sure the car is cleaned in sections and never allowing the soap to dry on a cars finish. Then making sure the proper wax is applied to the cars finish. How a spray wax, Fukken Wax is the first choice in protecting your cars finish. How the sun, road grime, salt air can wreak havoc on a cars finish. That the extra protection a quality Fukken Wax product provides can add years to the quality shine your cars paint will have. Teaching our children the importance of taking care of family cars, that as a family we will spend as much on a vehicle as many of our parents paid for a first home. The second most expensive investment a family will make is an automobile. So taking care of that investment is a gift you can share with your children that will serve them well their whole lives. As a bonus to all of this. Fukken Wax can be used on boats, motorcycles, RV’s and much more. So if you’re really ambitious drag out your toys and give them the ultimate shine. Fukken Wax will work well on your chrome as well. Here is the challenge to get the kids off the game console and into the driveway with you. Make it fun for them, all the while teaching them how to take care of your family cars or fun family toys. Tradition is there anything more important than teaching our children time honored family traditions.


At the end of all the fun the cars need to look awesome. This is what we at Fukken Wax revolve our company’s life around. The complete pursuit of the ultimate shine. A shine that you may argue looks better than the day your car rolled off the showroom floor. So if you’re a current customer or thinking about Fukken Wax for the first time. Consider getting a can, get the family together and have some fun.

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Sunday, 03 December 2023
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