Wholesale Detailing Supplies

 People these days are doing everything they can to make extra money, either on the side as a moonlighting business or as an added income to their current profession. Maybe you are someone who wants to earn extra money and are searching for something you can do that isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg to get started.

Have you ever thought about doing auto detailing work?

Auto detailing is a manual labor profession, but one that requires very little overhead and time investment on your part. In fact, you can make an average of $100 for each car you detail as long as you have some wholesale detailing supplies to get started.

Of course, having professional wholesale detailing supplies is the key to getting your business off the ground. You can’t really provide a high quality auto detailing service without the right auto supplies and equipment. Mainly what you will need to have is a buffing component, professional wholesale auto wax, terry cloth or microfiber cloth, pressure washer and some smaller wholesale auto detail supplies.

Buying wholesale detailing supplies directly from one source, such as Fukken Wax, is going to set you apart as being someone who does a high quality job versus some average Joe off the street that purchases auto detailing supplies at a major retail chain. Those types of products can not only do damage to a car, they can also be considered somewhat inferior as compared to high quality professional wholesale detailing supplies from a trusted source.

By purchasing wholesale detailing supplies from Fukken Wax, you’ll be able to tell your customers that you use European style auto detailing products. This is one way to impress your clients, especially when they see the exceptionally great shine that Fukken Wax radiates after you clean their car!

Making extra money on the side by auto detailing can even lead to a full-time profession. This is how many of the big auto detailing companies within your own community got started with their business. If you have aspirations of having your own business and are willing to do the work, you can develop a reputation as being the best at your craft. You could even do something above and beyond, like making your auto detailing business mobile. All you need to do is stock up on the wholesale detailing supplies, get a few basic auto detailing accessories and some light equipment, and then you’re set!

Another aspect of ordering wholesale detailing supplies in bulk is the ability to resell it to others, either within a retail environment at an auto supply store or as an individual. If you happen to have a store that has anything related to automobiles – such as tires, oil changes, mechanics services, or general auto supplies – consider purchasing the wholesale auto detailing supplies to offer your own customers the opportunity to buy Fukken Wax. Just the name alone will make these auto detailing products fly off your store’s shelves! But you can also rest assured that you’re giving your customers the very best for their automobiles, so they’re sure to want to keep coming back to your storefront or service station time and time again.

Contact us today to learn about the opportunities of purchasing wholesale auto detailing supplies from Fukken Wax. We also sell wholesale to auto leasing and new or used car dealerships for their service departments. Fukken Wax makes used or pre-owned cars look brand new again!