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Car Repair Secrets Your Mechanic Won't Tell You

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While the average auto repair bill may cost us between $500 and $600, there's no doubt that for most of us, a car is an extension of our lives. Without a car, we wouldn't be able to carry out the daily chores that we often take for granted like running errands or going to work. Having your own car offers a very convenient and often cost-effective mode of transport. That is why it is important to make sure that you always keep your car in the best condition. To do so, you often have to rely on the help of a mechanic.


Trade Secrets That Could Save You Cash

A mechanic can often come in useful in a number of situations, from diagnosing a specific problem to resolving it the best (and often quickest) way possible. Nonetheless, a mechanic may not tell you everything. In fact, there may be a few car repair secrets your mechanic would rather you didn't know. So before you send out more money on car repairs, find out how you can save money and avoid any unnecessary car bills. 


Get Free Service for Your Car

You may not realize that many chain auto-part stores will actually carry out simple services on your car for free. Whether it's finding out why your engine light has come on, changing your wipers, aligning your tires or sometimes even loaning you tools for you to do your own car maintenance. The store staff will often install the parts you have just bought from the store such as taillights, batteries, and wipers. This is a great way of saving you anything up to $30 in labor costs, so make sure you check out whether your local store offers this service. 


Get Rid of Dents Yourself

If you have a dent on the side of your car, it could cost you $300 to get it repaired by a mechanic. But there is a way that you could get rid of the dent yourself and for free. Simply rub some petroleum jelly around the corners of a clean toilet plunger, then simply put the plunger on the dent and pump it out just like you would you’re your toilet gets clogged. With a little time and effort, you should find that the dent pops out.


It's Ok to Shop Around for Car Repairs

Even when you suspect you are being charged too much for auto repairs or replacement parts, it can sometimes be tempting just to stick with the same garage. After all, you need your car repaired and it could be embarrassing to tell them that you want a second opinion, right? Wrong. If you don’t think you are being given a fair price or that your car doesn’t even need the new part, there is nothing wrong with taking your car somewhere else and seeing what they say. Let’s face it, not all mechanics are as honest as others and you are well within your rights to go and get another opinion if you suspect they might be overcharging you.

It is great when you find a good and reliable car that you trust. There are many mechanics and garages that offer an honest and affordable service. But if you are worried that you are paying too much to get your car serviced, you are being regularly over-charged for parts or you are paying for things you really shouldn’t be spending your money on, then you really should spend a little time finding out how you can save money on your auto repairs without cutting corners.


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Washing or Detailing?

For most people, car washing, and car detailing may sound the same. Both involve complete cleaning of the car without any paint or bodywork. But for those obsessive about keeping their car sparkling clean, there is a huge difference.

A car wash is what it says it is. Washing the car from the top to the bottom, either at an automatic car wash or by hand. It will also involve washing thoroughly. But auto detailing will go one step further. The idea is to clean the paint eliminating the scratches and swirl marks that so often appear after cleaning.

Exterior Car Detailing

The process starts with first washing the car from top to bottom to get as much dirt removed as possible. The soapy water helps to soften the dirt and mud to remove them completely.

The next step is to clean those parts where the mud and dirt stick to most. The wheels are the dirtiest part of the car. Brake calipers and lug nuts are places where the mud can get in between and get stuck. We will use special brushes to clean these parts till the mud and dirt are completely removed.

After the wheels are cleaned, the paintwork is washed and dried using washing mitts and soft microfiber towels. After this clay can be applied to the surface to remove clinging dirt from it.

Once the drying is done. The paint is polished to remove the tiny scratches, swirl marks and oxidation. The polishing can be done either by a machine or by hand. This is the best part of auto detailing. It is time-consuming, but the results are worth the effort.

After the polishing, the paint is given a treatment of auto wax. This gives protection to the outer layer which is exposed to the elements of nature. The wax also brings some additional shine to the paint. At this stage, your car should look like when it was driven out of the showroom for the first time.

Once this is done the window glass and other parts are cleaned. The rubber parts are also cleaned separately.

Interior Car Detailing

The process involves cleaning the inside of the window glasses, the upholstery, and the mats. A good vacuuming and scrubbing should take care of the inside cleaning. Shampooing can remove stains from the upholstery.

Detailing is good for your car because it will make it look like new always.

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