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How To Wax Your Car?

20140115 180134Waxing your car is an important part of auto detailing that many people seem to have forgotten. Today we have a variety of waxes to suit each one’s convenience. There are some for the real cleaning enthusiasts who will take time and enjoy the process. Let us see the different methods for a squeaky-clean car.


Clay + Wax

The first step is to clean the surface well before applying the wax. The best method to clean the surface is to use detailing clay. The paint coats today are much thinner than earlier and hence cleaning with an abrasive cleaner is not advisable.

Once you have used the detailing clay to remove dirt, you can use a non-cleaner or pure wax to bring the surface to a shine. Alternatively, you can just use a cleaner wax without using the clay first.


Spray Wax


From the name itself you can understand that it is easier to apply than others. The spray waxes that are available today are much better than the earlier ones. The best advantage of a spray wax is that you can apply it within a few minutes.


Before you apply the spray wax, give your car a thorough wash. Then wipe it well to become dry. When you do a spray wax, you should spray and spread the same immediately. So, it is better to have the spray in one hand and a clean microfiber cloth in the other.

Spray a small area, spread the wax with the microfiber cloth and then use the other side of the cloth to buff the area again. Continue the process till you finish. It is a very easy process. Another advantage with the spray wax is that you can even do it under the sun.

For best results, once you have finished waxing the full car, give a final polish with a fresh microfiber towel, which has not been used for waxing.


Liquid & Paste Waxes

The first thing to remember when using a liquid or paste wax is that the lesser you use, the easier it is to wipe and dry. The polymer waxes that are available need to be applied only in very small quantities.


Another important thing to remember is that you should be working under a shade, not under direct sunlight. If the wax manufacturer does not provide any special applicator it is recommended to use a foam applicator.


We have seen how to work with certain types of waxes. Hope you get a shiny bright ride now.

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Polish Or Wax?


A car is anybody’s pride. When you purchase a car, you spend so much time choosing the model, color, etc. Apart from the performance part, what people look for is the appearance of the vehicle. And it is a matter of pride to show off a new car.

But after a couple of years, the car loses its sheen. You still like to show off your car. You can’t keep changing your car. So, what can you do to make your car look the same as it was when you purchased it? How can you bring back that shiny bright look?

There are two ways to bring back the bright look to your car. You can either polish or wax your car. Many think they are the same, but there is a huge difference between the two. People choose one or the other, mostly based on price or based on the suggestion of a friend. Let us understand the difference between the two and which is the better option.

Car Polish Or Car Wax?

A car polish is used when the car paint has dulled because of oxidation. It is used when there are minor scratches and swirl marks. Polish normally contains mild abrasives which will remove the dull surface and gives the vehicle a shiny look. It is not recommended often due to the abrasive qualities.

A car wax, on the other hand, gives the car a protective layer over the top coat of paint. Many of the wax brands available now also have UV protecting chemicals so that the paint will maintain the sheen for longer.

Which One And When?

There is always the doubt when one should polish and when one should wax. Wash the car thoroughly and dry it completely. Run your palm over the surface lightly. If you feel bumps, irregularities or rough spots, you need to polish the car. This will remove the top uneven layer and make the surface smooth, removing the damages underneath.

After polishing you can apply the wax so that the layer under is protected from further damage.

The Verdict

Both products being used for different purposes, we cannot say this or that. Both are not interchangeable. If you polish too often you could totally remove the top coat. But polish helps when there is oxidations or corrosion.

Wax needs to be used more often as it doesn’t last as long as polish does. But wax protects the outer layer of the paint. Care should be taken in very hot places. Wax tends to melt.

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Car detailing tips- why to use waterless car cleaning wax

Being an auto detailer, I have seen it too often, that people do not bother about their car’s paint. As a result, the car starts to look old no matter whether it is a few months or years old. Here are a few tips that assures your paint job last longer than you expected. For this, you do not have to visit an auto detailer or splurge extra money. Keep it clean is the first rule: Dust, dirt, tree sap and bugs all these things can lead to rapid deterioration of your car’s paint. That does not mean you have to wash your car every fortnight. Switch to waterless car spray wax. You can clean your auto car without wasting a drop of water. Just park the car in the shade, dust and then use a small portion of wax on it. Apply it, leave and buff it. Avoid soaps Like you do not wash your clothes with the bathing soap, do not wash your car with a washing soap. They are not meant for them. It can damage your car’s paint. Thick threads are not for the vehicles Microfiber is a synthetic fiber made up from tiny threads. It is the reason the cloth is absorbent and soft for the surface of the auto. It does not scratch your car. When you use thick clothes to clean the vehicle, it leaves marks on them. Sun is your biggest enemy Do not wash your car in direct sunlight especially when the weather is not-so-cool. Excessive heat causes the wax to melt which leads to spots. Hence leaving swirl marks behind. Park your car in the shade and then clean it. Clean it in sections Do not just apply the car wax on the entire vehicle in a single go. Apply and rinse in sections for better results. Moreover, it gives you enough time to wipe it before it actually dries up. Buff it properly To avoid any spots and stains, buff your car properly. Use a microfiber cloth to do this. With these tips, you can save hundreds of dollars that you spend to avail services of a professional. Regularly cleaning your car keeps it lustrous and clean. It also extends the lifetime of your car’s shine. A microfiber cloth and a quality waterless car cleaning wax are all what you need. Fukken wax is a reliable waterless car wash product. It leaves your car clean and protected. It is 100% environmentally friendly and contains Carnauba wax in it. For ordering one, visit us.

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Waterless car cleaning wax- benefits

If you want your car to look shining as well as lower the water bills, waterless car cleaning wax is the solution you are looking for. Apart from money, it also helps you lower carbon footprint. As the name implies, the product lets you clean your car and make it look radiant. All you need to do is apply it to the vehicle and then rub it off using microfiber towels. It gives you a polished and clean looking car. The procedure just takes twenty minutes. Here are the reasons for which you should switch from water cleaning to waterless cleaning of your vehicle. It saves much money: When you wash your car with water, it cost you between $5 that adds up to $240 yearly. A waterless car cleaning wax comes at just $14.95. The large 17.5oz aerosol can waxes four average sized vehicles at a time. You save water: Every time you turn the hose on your car, you waste 100 gallons of water. An average sized vehicle uses 40 gallons of water. With waterless car wash, you use only as much of water it takes to spray on. It saves time: When you wash your car, it takes you hours. In just 20 minutes, waterless car cleaning wax gives your vehicle showroom finish. It saves a lot of your time in other ways as well like:
  • Saves the time that takes from driving to and from the car wash.
  • Cleaning areas that were missed during the wash
There is no scratching: Waterless auto detailing products have natural ingredients in them that form a coating around the dust particle. It does not let dust, scratch the exterior of the vehicle. A strong jet of water blast these particles on the surface, which damages the paint. Moreover, microfiber used during waterless car washes lifts the dirt, and gentle buffing action safeguards your delicate exterior. Wash and wax all in one: Such auto detailing products contains cleaning emulsifiers. The Carnauba wax forms a protective coating on the paint, making it look gleaming. After the process, the car’s surface appears smooth and glossy. These are the benefits of using waterless car cleaning wax. You save water, money and your paint. Unlike other environmental friendly products, these items are affordable and lets you gain in every possible way. Fukken wax is a revolutionary car cleaning wax formula. It is available in 17.5oz can. It uses the highest quality of # 14 yellow carnauba wax and is ideal to use on paint, fiberglass and chrome glass.

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Waterless car cleaning wax- a revolutionary car detailing product

When your car needs a wash, half of the day is wasted. Just imagine what if washing, polishing and waxing can be done in just one single step…. All without water. It sounds amazing. There has been much buzz of waterless car cleaning wax in the market these days. These products break out the traditional car cleaning mindset of using buckets, pipes and sponges and cleaning agent. How is waterless car cleaning wax is better than traditional car washes?
  • Ease of use. It is also more efficient You can clean your car anywhere and anytime.
  • Car cleaning wax gives your auto shine, cleans and protects the paint. You can use it on tar, grime, bugs, tree sap, grease and more. It is apt for paint, chrome, glass and plastic surfaces.
  • It eliminates the use of expensive and harmful car wash soaps and sealants.
  • Waterless car wash products contain natural and non-harmful materials. They are also environmentally friendly.
  • Saves much water. On average, car wash needs 80-140 gallons of water. It helps you save the most important natural source on the Earth.
  • No water runs off of pollutants going down the drains anymore.
  • It provides a bright shine over the car’s exterior. It forms a protective layer that safeguard your vehicle from acid rain residues, bugs, tar, road grime and bird droppings.
  • It restores and protect the car’s paint.
  • A waterless wash also prevents oxidation.
  • Take a twice folded microfiber towel.
  • Take a small amount of the product on a clean microfiber towel to pre-wet it.
  • Spray a small amount of it on the surface that needs cleaning.
  • Using the pre-wet microfiber towel, gently rub the surface. This step removes the dust on the exterior of the auto.
  • It forms a protective layer on the paint. Now use the second dry towel to buff the surface in a circular motion.
  • It gives you a gleaming surface.
Waterless car wash is the revolutionary auto detailing product invented after years of research. It works by breaking down and then suspending the dirt and grime on the exterior of the car. It also prevents scratches. Ensure you use to clean micro fiber towels, one for cleaning and another for buffing. It reduces the chances of micro scratches on the exterior of the car. Fukken wax is the best euro-style aerosol spray car wax apt for cars, trucks, boats and motorcycles.

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