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How To Wax Your Car?

20140115 180134Waxing your car is an important part of auto detailing that many people seem to have forgotten. Today we have a variety of waxes to suit each one’s convenience. There are some for the real cleaning enthusiasts who will take time and enjoy the process. Let us see the different methods for a squeaky-clean car.


Clay + Wax

The first step is to clean the surface well before applying the wax. The best method to clean the surface is to use detailing clay. The paint coats today are much thinner than earlier and hence cleaning with an abrasive cleaner is not advisable.

Once you have used the detailing clay to remove dirt, you can use a non-cleaner or pure wax to bring the surface to a shine. Alternatively, you can just use a cleaner wax without using the clay first.


Spray Wax


From the name itself you can understand that it is easier to apply than others. The spray waxes that are available today are much better than the earlier ones. The best advantage of a spray wax is that you can apply it within a few minutes.


Before you apply the spray wax, give your car a thorough wash. Then wipe it well to become dry. When you do a spray wax, you should spray and spread the same immediately. So, it is better to have the spray in one hand and a clean microfiber cloth in the other.

Spray a small area, spread the wax with the microfiber cloth and then use the other side of the cloth to buff the area again. Continue the process till you finish. It is a very easy process. Another advantage with the spray wax is that you can even do it under the sun.

For best results, once you have finished waxing the full car, give a final polish with a fresh microfiber towel, which has not been used for waxing.


Liquid & Paste Waxes

The first thing to remember when using a liquid or paste wax is that the lesser you use, the easier it is to wipe and dry. The polymer waxes that are available need to be applied only in very small quantities.


Another important thing to remember is that you should be working under a shade, not under direct sunlight. If the wax manufacturer does not provide any special applicator it is recommended to use a foam applicator.


We have seen how to work with certain types of waxes. Hope you get a shiny bright ride now.

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Polish Or Wax?


A car is anybody’s pride. When you purchase a car, you spend so much time choosing the model, color, etc. Apart from the performance part, what people look for is the appearance of the vehicle. And it is a matter of pride to show off a new car.

But after a couple of years, the car loses its sheen. You still like to show off your car. You can’t keep changing your car. So, what can you do to make your car look the same as it was when you purchased it? How can you bring back that shiny bright look?

There are two ways to bring back the bright look to your car. You can either polish or wax your car. Many think they are the same, but there is a huge difference between the two. People choose one or the other, mostly based on price or based on the suggestion of a friend. Let us understand the difference between the two and which is the better option.

Car Polish Or Car Wax?

A car polish is used when the car paint has dulled because of oxidation. It is used when there are minor scratches and swirl marks. Polish normally contains mild abrasives which will remove the dull surface and gives the vehicle a shiny look. It is not recommended often due to the abrasive qualities.

A car wax, on the other hand, gives the car a protective layer over the top coat of paint. Many of the wax brands available now also have UV protecting chemicals so that the paint will maintain the sheen for longer.

Which One And When?

There is always the doubt when one should polish and when one should wax. Wash the car thoroughly and dry it completely. Run your palm over the surface lightly. If you feel bumps, irregularities or rough spots, you need to polish the car. This will remove the top uneven layer and make the surface smooth, removing the damages underneath.

After polishing you can apply the wax so that the layer under is protected from further damage.

The Verdict

Both products being used for different purposes, we cannot say this or that. Both are not interchangeable. If you polish too often you could totally remove the top coat. But polish helps when there is oxidations or corrosion.

Wax needs to be used more often as it doesn’t last as long as polish does. But wax protects the outer layer of the paint. Care should be taken in very hot places. Wax tends to melt.

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DIY Car Detailing Importance

DIY Car Detailing Importance [caption id="attachment_1150" align="alignright" width="300"]Shine your car with diy auto detailing Shine your car with DIY auto detailing[/caption] Auto detailing can be a tiring job when you do it by yourself. This requires step- by- step procedure so expect that effort and patience are necessary. Whenever you administer DIY Car Detailing, you need to understand its importance. It is also different from car wash so definitely, although car wash helps, it is not enough to keep the vehicle at its best aesthetic condition. There is a need for additional detailing job that you can actually DIY. DIY Car Detailing is essential as cleaning regularly your car can maintain its good looks and cleanliness, either interior or exterior. This also helps to avoid those problems with stains or have the possibility of corrosion. A clean and good conditioned car is always ideal. One good reason why it is necessary to keep it well maintained is lasting its service life. Resale is another good reason. Expect that when you want to sell it, dealers will also detail it by their selves after buying this from you. If you do it, the bigger chance you can save money rather than getting services for auto detailing. If ever that you already have started detailing your car, always consider the necessary things first before you start accessorizing your ride. You may also use car wax to keep the quality good looks of the exterior of your car. You should also do the same with the interior of your ride. Having a polished interior and exterior will definitely make your automobile look better.

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Benefits of using Car wax spray

Spray based car wax have become a very common sight today. These products maintain the car’s paint and are convenient to use. The article talks of several ways the car owners should include car wax spray in their car care products. It saves water Washing a car without hose and water seems a distant idea. But it is true with Car wax spray. It saves around 100 gallons of fresh water that we use in cleaning our vehicle. Our natural resources are depleting, and we are running out of water. So switching to this product help you save water. Saves the earth When we use traditional car washing methods, we make use of shampoo that contain chemicals in them. The water gets drained into the pipes via which it leeches into our ground water or to the lakes nearby. It pollutes natural resources. By using aerosol based wax, you can contribute your bit to save the planet. Saves your time When you scrub your auto using the traditional method, it takes a tremendous amount of time. Washing, shampoo, rub and rinse... All these steps take a couple of hours. For this reason, car cleaners are very popular. You can cleanse your vehicle just in half an hour. All you have to spray, wipe and buff it in the end. No hassles The hassle of tangled hose, mopping wet floor, drenched clothes and sponging mitts is a big time hassle. The process tires you. Due to this many car owners drive to the nearest commercial auto wash station and drop their vehicles there for washing. Everyone knows that getting your car clean from outside in a costly affair. Car wax spray needs two pieces of cloth. You have to clean with one and buff with another. You can do it anywhere, outside your office or in a restaurant parking. All you need is a micro-fiber cloth and the product. Saves money Aerosol based products are cheap. They are cheaper than the professional car wash service. A single bottle stays for long. Moreover, the shelf life of these products is for three years. It also saves money on water bills. So in short it offers complete value for money. These new age products are readily available in the market. The most useful one is Fukken Wax. It is a waterless car cleaning wax applicable on a variety of vehicles including cars, boats, airplanes and trucks among others. It protects your auto and also gives it a showroom shine.

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Car Waxing Tips

As a car owner, we look for ways to preserve our car’s paint. We use many products that make our vehicles look shining and all new. Here are the few surprising tips that you can try, when you wax your car. Wax the car clockwise and buff it anti-clockwise Save your time by applying the car cleaning wax in a clockwise manner and then remove it the opposite way. You will observe that how easily you are able to wax your auto. The process becomes much easier this way, and above all you save much time that you can spend doing some other important household chores. Car wax is durable Carnauba wax lasts longer. They can repel weather conditions for a long time. Your car is protected against rain, dust, storm and other pollutants in the environment. It is also advisable to use such products once a month. If you use your car daily to commute to and from the work, consider waxing it twice a month. For optimum protection of your auto, use it when you feel like using it. Many people also use them every week. Difference b/w car wax and polish There is still lot of confusion when it comes to car care. People do not know the difference between car polish and car wax. Polish is like sandpaper and wax is like a film of oil on the exterior of your car. A polish is that gives your vehicle showroom shine. Wax acts a sealant. It does not fill imperfections on the paint. Polish evens the surface and gives the top of the car a smooth look. It is why a polished car looks more attractive. If a polish makes your car shine, waxing offer protection. More about car wax Ask around the best car wax brand. Do a bit of research online. Also, make sure you read the product reviews on popular consumer websites. Begin the procedure on freshly cleaned car. The surface must not be dusty. It must be spec cleaned. Take a small amount of the product on a cloth and begin it applying on one section of the car. Let it stay on the top of the auto and then buff it in the opposite direction. After you are finished, take another clean cloth and go back over the whole car again. If you are looking for quality car wax product, consider Fukken Wax. It is a car cleaning wax made up from natural ingredients. It protects your car and increase longevity of its paint.

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