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Simple Auto Detailing Tips

Auto detailing is not an easy job if you really need your car to be how it was when you drove it out of your showroom. It is a time-consuming job which involves a lot of manual work. Many of the car-lovers don’t mind the time or the effort. For them, the detailing process is itself a pleasure.


There are those others who want the car to nice and shiny but either they don’t have the time, or they don’t want to spend time doing it. However, it is something all of us end up doing. So, here are some tips that may be useful.


Interior Detailing Tips

Always start with the cleaning of carpets and upholstery from the driver side. Hopefully, this area will be dry if you want to take out your car soon or want to park it somewhere else after the detailing.

Keep the cleaning of the windows for last. This will prevent any dirt or other things from soiling the windows while cleaning the other areas. Do the dressing and conditioning after finishing the cleaning of windows. This will prevent the dressing to be absorbed by the cloth used to clean the windows and spreading the conditioner on the windows.

Take care that none of your interior cleaners gets on to the plastic panel covering the instrument panels. These chemicals can fog or dull the plastic.

Mats, carpets, and upholstery need to be rinsed after cleaning. If you leave any cleaning material on them, they will only attract more dirt, making all your efforts useless.


Cleaning The Engine Bay

Before you start washing the exterior of your car during auto detailing, you should clean the engine bay. Even if some grease or oil falls on the exterior, during your engine bay cleaning, this can later be cleaned when you are washing the exterior.

Protect your fenders from forming spots by powerful cleaners you use in the engine bay, by draping wet towels over it. This will also prevent scratching the fenders when you lean over to clean the engine.

Make sure water doesn’t get into electronic parts that are inside the engine bay. You may find the electronic and computer parts secured inside a compartment which is located in the engine on the top right or left corner. Water may cause them to malfunction.

Hope the tips are useful the next time you do the auto detailing.


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How To Wax Your Car?

20140115 180134Waxing your car is an important part of auto detailing that many people seem to have forgotten. Today we have a variety of waxes to suit each one’s convenience. There are some for the real cleaning enthusiasts who will take time and enjoy the process. Let us see the different methods for a squeaky-clean car.


Clay + Wax

The first step is to clean the surface well before applying the wax. The best method to clean the surface is to use detailing clay. The paint coats today are much thinner than earlier and hence cleaning with an abrasive cleaner is not advisable.

Once you have used the detailing clay to remove dirt, you can use a non-cleaner or pure wax to bring the surface to a shine. Alternatively, you can just use a cleaner wax without using the clay first.


Spray Wax


From the name itself you can understand that it is easier to apply than others. The spray waxes that are available today are much better than the earlier ones. The best advantage of a spray wax is that you can apply it within a few minutes.


Before you apply the spray wax, give your car a thorough wash. Then wipe it well to become dry. When you do a spray wax, you should spray and spread the same immediately. So, it is better to have the spray in one hand and a clean microfiber cloth in the other.

Spray a small area, spread the wax with the microfiber cloth and then use the other side of the cloth to buff the area again. Continue the process till you finish. It is a very easy process. Another advantage with the spray wax is that you can even do it under the sun.

For best results, once you have finished waxing the full car, give a final polish with a fresh microfiber towel, which has not been used for waxing.


Liquid & Paste Waxes

The first thing to remember when using a liquid or paste wax is that the lesser you use, the easier it is to wipe and dry. The polymer waxes that are available need to be applied only in very small quantities.


Another important thing to remember is that you should be working under a shade, not under direct sunlight. If the wax manufacturer does not provide any special applicator it is recommended to use a foam applicator.


We have seen how to work with certain types of waxes. Hope you get a shiny bright ride now.

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Car Washing and Waxing

Car Washing and Waxingcar wash and wax For the purpose of getting the best result from waxing a car, you are to efficiently wash your car first in order to remove road grime and dirt. If you are not to do washing before car waxing it might lead to scratching of the car’s finish once waxing because of the presence of those abrasive particles of the road dirt. Car washing is as well effective in order to remove some residue such as bird droppings, industrial fall out and road salt. In washing car remember to use two sponges in order to prevent scratching. Then afterwards you can drive the car briefly in order to ensure drying of the brakes as well as corrosion can be prevented. And don’t forget to clean those painted areas. And car waxing can already be done next. Car waxing or polishing can be of different purposes such as in order to attain clean finish, improvement on the car’s shine or for protection as well. There are many car waxes that contain very little abrasives together with chemical cleaning agents, waxes and lubricants. And these abrasives particles are to remove the surface oxidation at the same time leaving a high gloss shine. There are as well certain ways on how to properly wax your car. As reminder, avoid applying car wax to surfaces that are not easily buffed. Car waxes or polishes must always be applied in thin coat. Perfect polishing cloths are microfibers or soft cotton. And only wax your car once the surface is recently washed.  

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Benefits of Cleaning Automobiles

car detailing Benefits of Cleaning Automobiles It is of great importance to ensure that your car is clean and in good performance. Have you ever imagine driving an almost brand new car though you have bought it for quite some time already. If you want to experience the feeling of driving an amazing car in terms of appearance then auto cleaning and maintenance are the best steps to consider. At the same time cleaning cars is not just about appearance but performance and safety as well. Here are some of the benefits that cleaning cars could offer:

  • Through cleaning your car you will be provided with the chance to enhance the image of your car. It can as well offer great impression from others or might offer great details about the owner.
  • If you are to efficiently clean your car and observe proper maintenance then it will improve the car’s performance as well as functionality. It might as well eliminate chances of costly repairs.
  • Cleaning cars are also great factor in order to ensure long life of your property. If you are not to observe cleanliness together with maintenance then it might cause to shortening of the life of your car. Corrosion of some metal and other parts can be considered as cause.
  • It might as well improved safety for the reason that clean cars can allow driving visibility and a lot more issues related to safety.
  • And also, clean automobiles can lower blood pressure and level of stress therefore making car owners healthier.

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