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Car Wax-Importance and how to apply it

[caption id="attachment_434" align="alignleft" width="300"]black car polish how to polish a black car[/caption] Simply washing your car is not enough, if you want your favorite car to shine it like the way it came fresh out of the showroom, then you must put some extra efforts. You can keep it new by either frequent painting or applying a car wax. Painting is an expensive option and may not fall into your budget. You can also maintain your car by using a good quality car wax. Wax is the main ingredient in car. It is a chemical compound having anti-rusting components. It is also highly resistant to heat. Wax is made from organic compounds that are both organic and synthetic. These waxes have high viscosity, which makes them insoluble in water. This is the reason they protect your car from the Mother Nature. There is a various type of waxes available in the market as per their composition. Popular ones are Plant wax, Animal wax, Petroleum derived wax, Montan wax, and polyethene wax. Applying wax is not an easy task. It is time consuming and requires precision. How to apply car wax?
  • For applying car wax, you need a small wax sponge and soft cotton rag. First wash your car clean with a mild soap, to get rid of the extra dirt from the vehicle before waxing it.
  • Choose your wax carefully. Use a carnauba based wax. It has a very glossy finish. The wax creates a very thin and hard layer on your car. This protects your car from scratches and dust.
  • Read the instructions carefully mentioned on the wax bottle or box. Take some wax onto a damp sponge and apply onto the car in a circular motion. Let it sit onto your car. Do not let it dry; otherwise the marks will be visible on the car.
  • Slowly remove the wax from the car in a circular motion.
  • Repeat the same process on the rest of the car. You will observe your car shining like as new.
In the market, you can find various brands of car wax. Choosing the best one can be tedious. Make sure you choose a Carnauba based wax. These waxes are made from natural ingredients. This gives you car paint a clear shine. It also protects your car from rainwater and rust. A car wax can protect the surface of your car and add years of life to its paint. Be careful while choosing the appropriate wax for your car. The wrong choice can damage the surface of your car.

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