Hodgson On An Erion or Corona SuperBike in \'09?

Hodgson will ride a Honda, but which one?

Honda\'s Friday announcement that they are pulling their factory team from the 2009 DMG/AMA Superbike series didn\'t come as a huge surprise. The current economic meltdown and its effects on the Honda automobile market continues to trickle bad news down to nearly every sector of Honda\'s worldwide market.

Honda\'s pull-out release notwithstanding, those Hodgson fans wondering where they can go in 2009 to see their favorite English triple digit rider won\'t have to go to World Superbike or British Superbike. There\'s every chance that Neil Hodgson will be on either an Erion Honda or Corona Honda Superbike (or 600) in 2009.

Hodgson is in the middle of a two-year contract, which by Soup math means that there\'s at least one year left on said contract. It\'s highly doubtful that Honda is going to pay him to sit on his couch and drink warm beer for a year, especially since they still have both of their satellite teams, Corona and Erion, under contract for at least another year as well.

Hodgson\'s contract might have to be modified to enable him to ride at Corona or Erion, and the contract of whichever team gets Hodgson might have to be modified in order for them to provide a spot for Hodgson but there seems to be every chance that Hodgson will be riding a Honda in the 2009 series. Presumably, Erion or Corona will use the current Honda CBR1000RR Superbikes--those last seen lapping quickest at the Daytona test.