Fukken Hot at West.

What a great Fukken weekend. The trip down took longer than expected and we were put behind the forever cruel 8 ball right off the bat.


Now keep in mind this was another brand new track that neither of us had seen before this weekend. We were going down blind and needed every bit of practice we could get. But that was easier said than done.

Right off the bat we forgot our tickets to get in. We had to sweet talk the gate guy into letting us get in to set up and practice. This was not easy as the gate keeper was the race promoter\'s brother. He finally gave in to our begging and so were off to try and find a pit.

The pit part we scored BIG on. After racing for so long you kind to get to know a bunch of racers. D-Wire (one of th efastest guys there) had a great pit, and said we could pit in front of him. This turned out to be agreat spot for traffic and pit out. I mean just look how out in the middle of everything our pit was:


A few hotties were walking by and stopped to ask about Fukken Wax. We grabbed this op for a quick photo shoot and treated them to a couple Fukken shirts.



As the weekend went by the girls were parading around the "Fast On" Fast Off" shirts. I am just not sure if this shot was aimed at the shirt or not. You decide :).


The practice sessions were filled with good times and drama. As you can see below the bikes had a great Fukken shine, the competitors were putting their knees down, the crash truck was cleaning up the mess, and the night races were not to bright. We passed on racing in the dark because it was our first time there. We did not want the pleasure of riding in the crash truck.


Stand By for the Race Report and Shots from the weekend.