Making a Fukken showing at Homestead.

Fukken Racing closing out at Homestead



The weather was beautiful and the bikes were running like champs.

The trip down took a little longer than expected and we missed the first few rounds of practice. This put us behind for a little, but we were able to get up to speed pretty fast. We had our trusty Fukken Radar Gun on the main straight and the changes we made to the bikes were showing in our top speeds. After a few adjustmens we were able to hang with the lead guys and ready to put on some new tires and go racing.


The morning practice was wet and did not help out much. We were unable to test our last settings and decided to just race with what we had. All of the big player were at the track for this race. Mainly due to it being the only race in the SE. Every garage was full and the grids were packed. Some races needed to do a 3 wave start due to the number of racers in attendence.

Our races were not pretty. A few bad starts and some blown apexes made for some long races playing catch up. We were still able to nab a podium and some top 5 finishes. The good news is were took the bikes home the same way we brought them in one piece.