Fukken it up at Daytona International Speedway
Here we go,
Fukken Racing kicked off the year at Daytona in true style, but had a few snags over the weekend.
We set up pit and display on Thursday and everything was perfect. We were able to get a great pit and the weather was simply beautiful. The Fukken display was showing off the latest Fukken can, and the bikes were shining loud and proud.
Once we had everything set, it came time to run the bike through tech. So far every thing was flawless. We closed up the pit and went to the Hotel.
Next Came Friday,
We had to be at the track early for practice, and we needed to get the heat on the tires. Once we had our warmers on, we walked around and spread the Fukken word. The track was pretty packed and more racers were coming in by the trailer full. It looked to be a packed weekend. Once our Practice session rolled around we suited up and headed out on the track. That’s where the fun ended. The Fukken bike felt like it was on rails and was dialed in, but once I got it up on the banking the motor started to break up over 10,000 rpms. I thought it may have been some stale gas. I tried to put in a few laps to see if it would clear up. It was having trouble winding out under load. Once I got it back in the pits I started to investigate. We took it apart and could not find anything wrong. We unhooked the PC and tightened everything down, but it still would not run over 10k. At Daytona you need all the power you can get. So here is where the work started.
We took off and picked up the 09 from the shop. We had everything overnighted and shipped Saturday delivery to the track. We were set to race prep a brand new 09 R1 the next morning. We could not keep a trailer at the hotel, nor could we get back into the track once we picked up the new bike. The 09 had to stay in the room with us. We had to sneak it by the front desk, and up the elevator, then into the room. Now we just need to get some sleep for Saturday’s work.
Saturday’s work;
We decided to give the Fukken Race bike 1 more chance to act right, but it still was not ready to battle Daytona’s banking. With this we decided to get to work on prepping the 09. It took us 6 hours to tear it down and rebuild it completely to race ready. We were slap worn out by the end of the day, but it was completed (so we thought).
Sunday, Race day;
Race day was here and we’re all set on a new bike. The weather had a nasty storm rolling in and it was for sure going to ruin the weekend. We were able to get our practice in before it started to rain, but we still had bike issues. The exhaust burned the hydraulic adjuster line in the new rear shock’s preload adjuster. This made for a few more hours of work before the Race. We finished it about 40 minutes before the 1st call for our race. This gave us just enough time to heat up the tires. The rain was gone and track was dry. It’s race time. With only a handful of laps on a brand new bike, the race was not as pretty as we wanted it to be, but we did get the most attention. The new R1 was the only 09 R1 there and prepped. With a Fukken sticker glowing on the side, everyone knew who the fast wax was. We turned in a great race. With 2 Fukken bikes in the field we finished strong with a 6th and 7th place. Considering the weekend events leading up to the race, we were stoked.
We grabbed a bunch of attention. We raced a new bike. We had a great finish. And we all came home in 1 piece after flying at 190mph around the high banks of Daytona.
Until next time: (check back for pics soon)
Speed Safe.