If you recently purchased a car and it has bumper stickers or decals that you don’t care for, how can you safely remove car logo stickers without damaging the paint? Or, in another scenario, what if you want to apply car logo stickers to your automobile but are worried about the way it will look. Are car logo stickers easy to remove?


Well, yes and no.


Safely removing car logo stickers or decals is not always as difficult as people think. Fukken Wax has some great car logo stickers that you can apply to your car, but first we want to tell you the safest way to apply them.


Car logo stickers can be stuck to bumpers, windows, trunks, or even on windshields. They can be safely taken off with a razor blade, but be careful when handling the blade so as not to slip and cut yourself. There are special window scraper blades that can be found in most hardware stores. Box cutter blades also do the job.


How to remove a car logo sticker:


1. Go from left to right
Using the “cautious” approach, start from one corner of the car decal and use a back and forth motion. Some people like to apply window washing liquid to increase the ease of taking the sticker off. This can be beneficial, too. Trying to take the sticker off in one foul swoop is unlikely to work. It will certainly rip or shred.


2. Use a soft hand

Aggressively ripping the car logo sticker will probably backfire. Instead, apply light pressure so as not to scratch the paint or glass. You can scrape it ever-so-lightly. Try not to worry if there is still some left. You’ll get to that next.


3. Try a blow-dryer

If the car stickers are directly positioned on the paint, the razor blade could scratch it. Point the blow-dryer on the sticker and use the hottest setting. Apply the heat quite close to the sticker, at least a couple of inches away. Some people say a circular motion works best, while others use the back and forth motion. Try whichever works best for you and do that. After it gets hot enough, grab one of the corners that has been lifted and pull it. Use caution not to burn your fingers.


4. Some final touches

If there is some glue leftover, try using some Fukken Wax. You could also try bug and tar remover for any residue that is left. But the Fukken Wax should be able to lift up the additional glue that is left behind by the car logo stickers.


If you’re trying to sell your car and it has car logo stickers on it, then it may be a good time to consider removing them. Otherwise, if you want to just make it look good with a new car logo sticker, then we will send you one of our free Fukken Wax car logo stickers today to give your auto a snazzy-looking logo that can cover up other stickers you may find undesirable.