Waxing the Comp at Jennings GP 2009

It was a beautiful day at Jennings. The weather had us set for some great racing and we were loaded up and ready to go.


We were able to get a load of Fukken shirts and had a few beautiful women hang out in the pits to keep us company. The bikes were shining and running like champs. All we needed to do was ride. We were feilding 3 bikes and need to get some seat time to make it a great weekend. The 2009 R1 was broke in and we needed some time in it\'s saddle to get her up to speed.


Saturday was practice all day and we took advantage of it 100%. First we shook down the 04 and 06 models. They were running like scolded dogs and felt like they were riding on rails. After a few sessions on the old bike it was time to get up to speed on the new one.


It took about 3 sessions before I felt up to speed. i was only able to get there down in the 1:25 range. That put us about 4 seconds off a podium finish. But time was running out. We tried to make a few adjustments, but ran out of time due to qualifying We were forced to let it ride and shake it down on the morning practice.


Come Race day i was feeling a vertigo issues. Not sure what it was, but I was dizzy as hell. This cut out my practice and pushed me right into feeling it out during the race. The other Fukken rider was good to go and running strong. However we were still off pace due to some tire issues.

We were able to make a strong a showing and represent the Fukken brand well. We may not have brought home the gold but the we did manage to give out about 25 shirts and have a great time all weekend.


Stay tuned for the Pics. they should be up tomorrow.


Speed Safe

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