Fukken Wax Racing Previews Homestead
Homestead Miami Speedway is a NASCAR track owned by Daytona Motorsports Group. It is the home of many races and is a world class track. The garages are 1st class and the road course configuration makes for some great battles.
The track has some great braking sections, killer sweepers coming off the banking, and tight technical sections in the infield. NASCAR runs the complete oval (2.0 miles) but the motorcycles run the outer straights and the complete infield (2.6 miles). Our Superbikes are capable of reaching approximately 165mph in the short straights. Gearing is very important at Homestead due to the stop and go sections of the infield. Breaking into the left hair pin has a racer going from 5th to 1st. There about 12 to 14 up shifts per lap. There is not too may places to relax on this track and with the Miami heat in the middle of summer it is very demanding. Fluids and hydration is a must throughout the race weekend.
The Fukken race bikes will be shining bright with the help of the best wax on the planet. It’s not a pitch when we say this wax helps us on the time sheets. Wind drag is not a myth and Fukken Wax helps us cut through the air with ease. Not to mention the fact it cleans the rubber of the front and keeps our visors spotless. It truly is the Fastest Wax on the planet. It has been up to 200mph at Daytona and regularly sees 175mph every race weekend.
We will be tuning in our R1’s all day Saturday and putting them to the test on Sunday. Come see us wax the competition. We will be pitted in garage #8. Just look for the best looking bikes there. We will be handing out T-shirts and Fukken Wax discount cards in our pits. See you there!

Team Fukken

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