Fukken Racing kicks butt at Homestead-Miami Speedway\"\"


With the bikes tuned in and the weather working with us, we were able to place 3rd and 4th this weekend in Miami. The Fukken race Bikes were running like champs and shining like rock stars.


We got to the track at 8am Saturday morning. Out team was already there and setting up our pits. Once we picked up our tech papers and teched the bikes we went straight to tunning the bikes. The day was beautiful and track was in great shape. It started out a little green, but with a few sessions in it was ready to help put our bikes to their paces.


The first couple of practice sessions went well. We were well into our normal race pace with plenty of room for improvement. With the new parts and adjustments made to the bikes over the past month, we felt we had a great chance to put Fukken Wax Racing back on the podium. The other racers were all looking fast with a couple cherry picking AMA stars trying to swoop in for the low hanging fruit. With the cherry pickers having at least 25rwhp on us we knew we had our work cut out for the weekend. We opted to place some new rubber on the back of one of the race bikes to give us that extra confidence to make up for missing hp. This turned into causing us a set back and some practice time. The rear axle stripped out on us during the tire swap. We went on a mad hunt for a spare shaft. After an hour or so of looking, asking, and testing, none could be found at the track. We had to put on our \"McGuiver\" hat and pull something out of our %$# to make it work. With a drill, some safteywire and a pin from our reese hitch we were able to secure the rear axle enough to race. This took a few sessions to get confidence in, but once we were sure it would hold we put our \"Big Girl Panties\" on and took our grid position.


The races Sunday were heated. Some great exchanges were made. We were able to hold off a last lap challenge to hold on our 3rd place finish in the first race. The pace helped us beat our personal best time ever. The second race was fast, but so was our competitors. We managed to keep a top 5 finish against the fastest guys in the SE. It was a great weekend and something to definitely build on for our next race. We made some great improvements in Set Up. We are looking forward to applying what we found in our next race.


Stay Tuned for more,

Team Fukken..


As always, Fukken Racing was the best looking winners at the track.