Aerosol Spray-on waterless wash and wax started in the racing circuit to help race teams shine up their cars and let their sponsors’ logos shine before and after a hard race. When you pull a race car into victory lane you want your sponsors the get their money’s worth.
Think of all the rubber and grime flinging off the track with cars moving at speeds over 200mph! Crews easily grab a can of Fukken Wax and a terry cloth to wipe and shine the car sponsors’ logos shine – just in time for photos that will be seen in magazines all over the world. Race teams love the ease and no mess solution of the aerosol spray can. Just before your race car hits the track, you want it looking its best – without getting anything wet. Using the aerosol can, you can make sure you achieve a superior shine, and all the tires and electrical components stay dry. Waterless wash and wax started in the pit area and is used in garages and pits around the world.