Fukken Wax is the best auto wax to use on your race car. Have you ever tried to wash your race car in the pits with soap and water? If you have, then you probably got some on your tires, which is NOT really good for gaining traction on the track. Now you can use Fukken Wax to wash and wax your race car with no water, and without harming the finish of the car. Fukken Wax will remove all that road grim that builds up on the car when you are racing, and leaves a great carnauba shine behind to show off your car and keep all your great sponsors happy. If the fans can’t see the sponsor’s great logos on the side of your race car, then the sponsors will not be getting what they are paying for. All in one aerosol can you can do all this and save time as well so that your pit crew can concentrate on making your race car as fast as they can, too. Keeps your car looking its best and keeps the speed up on the track, Fukken Wax can do it all!!!