Custom Snowmobiles are Great in the North. If you think you have the badest snowmobile then you are in the right place. Custom snowmobiles are our game and snowmobile was is what we do.

Custom Snowmobiles

Northerners know the joy of custom snowmobiles. Snowmobiling is an all-consuming winter sport in states from Michigan to Maine. As soon as the snowfall hits six inches (on well-beaten trails) and about a foot or more for virgin terrain, people are out enjoying speed and thrills; the feeling is often likened to skiing on fresh powder.

The snowmobiling season will vary from area to area, but the trails tend to be open from December to April, and in some areas even into May. Like ATVs, snowmobiles come with a number of different features, as well as various sizes and horse powers, and are able to carry one, two, and even three people. Some snowmobiles can achieve speeds well in excess of 100 miles per hour!

Custom Snowmobiles with Attitude!
Big Bad Boy Toys is a resource for anyone interested in buying, selling, or browsing these sleek adventure vehicles. There is an entire community of snowmobilers out there, and interstate trail systems exist in Maine and other states, allowing snowmobilers to get almost anywhere. What many people love about snowmobiling is the solitude of the \"trail,\" and the opportunity to get out into untouched, virgin terrain.

This is an ideal winter outlet for people who love their speedboats in the summer months and their muscle cars in Spring and Fall. Snow is an ideal medium for fun and speed, although caution must be taken to mitigate the effects of high speeds on unknown terrain. It\'s time to explore all of the fun that the world of custom vehicles has to offer, and Big Bad Boy Toys is here to help!