car wash and wax

Car Washing and Waxing For the purpose of getting the best result from waxing a car, you are to efficiently wash your car first in order to remove road grime and dirt. If you are not to do washing before car waxing it might lead to scratching of the car’s finish once waxing because of the presence of those abrasive particles of the road dirt. Car washing is as well effective in order to remove some residue such as bird droppings, industrial fall out and road salt. In washing car remember to use two sponges in order to prevent scratching.

Then afterwards you can drive the car briefly in order to ensure drying of the brakes as well as corrosion can be prevented. And don’t forget to clean those painted areas. And car waxing can already be done next. Car waxing or polishing can be of different purposes such as in order to attain clean finish, improvement on the car’s shine or for protection as well. There are many car waxes that contain very little abrasives together with chemical cleaning agents, waxes and lubricants. And these abrasives particles are to remove the surface oxidation at the same time leaving a high gloss shine. There are as well certain ways on how to properly wax your car. As reminder, avoid applying car wax to surfaces that are not easily buffed. Car waxes or polishes must always be applied in thin coat. Perfect polishing cloths are microfibers or soft cotton. And only wax your car once the surface is recently washed.