When you’re buying car wax, even if it is some of the best car wax available on the market in order to get the best possible job done and to see the greatest results, it’s important to use clean microfiber cloths when completing your job. Many people when it comes to waxing, will simply use old shirts or cloths that they may have lying around the home. Using a cloth that could be potentially contaminated with dust or have debris located within it can scratch your cars finish and work to damage your cars paint job. Using a microfiber cloth offers real advantages when it comes to getting the best possible waxed finish for your car.

The truth is that microfiber towels are much softer than a cotton cloth and will never scratch the cars paid unless they are dirty with a gritty material. When using car wax with old but clean rags you always run the risk that they have certain contaminants or could damage the finish in your car. You take a lot of the risk out of waxing your car simply by switching over to microfiber towels.

Microfiber towels are usually created out of polyester and nylon which can really work to help you in the process of buffing out wax. Not only could it help you to remove more wax and help speed up the process of waxing but it also won’t leave any residue and will work to actually attract dust as you wash your car as well. Microfiber cloth is slightly electrostatic meaning that it works to actually attract dust from the finish of the car. The same is true for wax, by using a microfiber cloth to Buffett wax you can actually feel the cloth picking up more of the wax in a much quicker time span. While cotton is relatively absorbent it will continue to push material such as wax around when it reaches its maximum absorbency. Microfiber has a much higher absorbency rate and when using it with car wax you can work with the same cloth for much longer period of time experiencing strong results.

While using old materials such as shirts and towels to wax your car is extremely inexpensive, so is purchasing microfiber cloths. A 12 pack can be purchased for just under $10 and in the amount of time that you can save as well as not having to risk the finish of your car, $10 is well worth spending. Microfiber cloths are also quite good for reusing. For the most part these cloths can be machine washable meaning that just one pack could last you for years of waxing. Using fabric softener will hinder microfiber towels however and cause them to lose their absorbency so it’s important to just use detergent.

If you regularly wax your car with some of the best car wax on the market or you are interested in finding the best way to possibly wax your car. Consider using microfiber cloths to speed up the process and allow you to get the best possible finish and waxing job out of the products that you have on hand.