If you have never used spray car wax you may be missing out on one of the best values in auto detailing that is available on the market today. Many people prefer to use traditional car wax to cleaner cars and find that it has a very special and unique cleaning power that is not available with any other type of car wax available. The truth is that spray car wax can do just as nice a job as traditional wax and allow you to get a great shine on your car in a much simpler process.

Even though spray on wax is in a different format than a traditional car wax it still contains the same ingredients the traditional car waxes have. While the application is not the same you are still getting the exact same results out of using spray car wax as you would out of regular car wax. The only real benefit that you can get to a traditional car wax is that on occasion, you can spend extra money to get extra durability out of your wax. Certain pace waxes are able to last for six or more months while spray wax will usually only last around two months.

Overall the biggest benefit to using spray car wax is that it is much simpler to apply making it one of the quickest ways to wax your car effectively, quickly and easily. Giving your car a quick wax touchup using liquid wax is extremely simple as well. Simply coding your car using a specialized hose attachment or applying a thin bead of the wax around your car will allow you to very quickly wax your entire car without having to rub in specialized wax or remove it.

In many cases traditional car waxes will take an hour or more to apply depending on the size of your car. Having to apply wax in small portions as well as both in the wax make traditional waxes very time-consuming and could result in your paint swirling or other issues depending on your experience with using wax. Using liquid spray wax and spreading it evenly to the surface of the car should take you no more than 45 min. and can protect your car and leave it looking great for up to two months. Quick touch-ups can be done to extend the life of your wax and purchasing this type of wax is also fairly inexpensive.

While there are certain stigmas attached to spray on wax as to the quality of the job that they do, we simply do not make sense. Spray car waxes come a long way and now contains the exact same ingredients as a regular car wax without all of the effort that’s associated with waxing your car. It just makes sense to use one of these formulas to save yourself the time and effort of having to painstakingly bus each area of the wax into your body work. If you’ve never used spray wax before it is one of the simplest waxing procedures that you can use and can help to save you quite a bit of money by allowing you to wax your car yourself within your own driveway.