Spring Fever Car Wax Tips

 Spring is finally here, and if you’re like many people who live in the north, the harsh salt and snow have taken their toll on your car. Even in the South, the extra traffic caused by all of those snowbirds can leave a “sooty” film all over your ride, making it appear dull and lifeless.

 Fükkenwax.com knows how much you love your car and that’s why we offer not just the best car wax and auto detailing products around, we take the time to tell you how to maximize the life of your vehicle by keeping a professional showroom finish using high quality products.

 But many of us don’t have the time to dedicate to those waxes that require a lot of effort to take on and rub off. The difference between Fukken Wax auto wax and others is the waterless formula that allows users to simply spray it on, rub it to a hazy appearance and then buff it out, even if there is dirt on it. This is a great way to make your car have that spotless shine and showroom finish. Plus it comes in an easy aerosol container for easy touch-ups.

 So, here’s how to remove salt residue and rust after a harsh winter:

 1 – First if you’re using a standard garden hose (or you can go to one of those do-it-yourself car washes), set it to the highest pressure it will withstand. Blast off salt or caked-on residue. Then apply 1 can of Fukken Wax waterless car wax.

 2 – Don’t overlook the wheel wells. There may be caked on mud and salt from the snow. After pressure washing, apply 1 can of Fukken Chrome Wheel Wax for a nice, grime-free and simply awesome shine to your wheel wells.

 3 – Get the nooks and crannies. The headlights, crevices, under the wheels, even the inside of the door jamb can collect salt and residue from snow and sticky mud. Grab a Fukken Wax auto terry cloth or auto microfiber cloth and get those crevices, too by using Fukken Wax car wax.

 Now for Southern states, here’s how to remove soot and sun damage from cars:

 1 – As you drive, especially in states that have high-traffic, the dirt and grime can accumulate on your car and make it look really dull. So if you want to remove pollution and soot from the car, do not use something abrasive or you will scratch your paint. First of all, use a high pressure hose and wash the car well.

 2 – Get a clay bar. It’s an auto detailing tool that scrubs without scratching. Then apply Fukken Wax euro-style car wax with one of our high quality Fukken Wax microfiber clothes and work the magic.

 3 – To remove sun damage, bird droppings or tar, you will definitely to buff it out. You can invest in a good auto detailing buffer at any auto accessories store. However, I would recommend NOT buying the cheapest but you don’t have to buy the most expensive, either. Go with a middle-of-the road, affordable, yet high quality buffer and you will notice a HUGE difference in conjunction with the Fukken Wax car wax.

 All types of weather can cause car oxidation, decomposition and deterioration. The best way to avoid these types of weather hassles to your car (besides moving away) is to also keep your car clean with the high quality car wax products at Fukken Wax, as well as keeping it in a garage if you can.