Any great sea captain will tell you – waxing a boat is time consuming, tedious and an all-around thorn in the side. Boats require a special touch and plenty of patience to keep clean, especially those docked in salty water during the summer. They collect nasty things like barnacles, rust, seaweed, dredge and the salt water certainly takes its toll on the shine of the boat. The underbelly of the boat is often the most work to wash and wax. Boat owners spend not just hours – but days – getting their boats ready for sailing yet again.

In order to avoid decay, boating magazines will recommend waxing it once a week to keep it properly maintained. However, having this chore is sometimes not worth the fun of the boat. If you have to spend all day Saturday cleaning it – only to take it out on the water for a few hours on Sunday – it hardly seems worth all the trouble.

Now you can stop spending hours waxing your boat by using Fukken Wax!

Fukken Boat Wax is effortless. Boat owners who have discovered its easy, convenient means of “spray on” and “wipe off” are now elated to get their boat cleaning tasks done in half the time. If you own a boat or even a fleet of boats – here’s an easy way you can cut down on those long afternoons of endless waxing:

  1. Grab a bottle of Fukken Wax and three soft terry towel cloths. You can use rags; however use caution to ensure not scratching the paint by choosing a soft cotton or terry fabric. Terry will soak up the water best after you wash the boat.
  2. Spray the Fukken Wax in an area that you want to start with.       We recommend starting with the hardest part first, like the underneath of the boat (while it sits on a trailer – never while in the water). You barely need to leave it on for any length of time, just start wiping it away and see an amazing shine that makes other boat wax pale in comparison.       Spray on and wipe off – it’s that easy!
  3. Use a circular motion, and don’t spray too much all at once.       You don’t need a lot of Fukken Wax to overcompensate. It only takes a little bit. In fact, one can of this Fukken Wax will very likely be able to cover the whole boat!
  4. After waxing, you may only need to wait a short while before the boat is completely dry. Unlike inferior boat waxing products, this stuff is super simple. As a matter of fact, you may be able to take your friends and family for a boat ride the same afternoon!

Marine maintenance programs – particularly at yacht clubs, harbors and marinas – especially love the ease of Fukken Wax. Boat yards can cut costs of time consuming labor and overhead of fixing costly deterioration with a simple can of Fukken Wax. The suns hot ultraviolet rays and fuel spills can eat away at the fiberglass of the boat or yacht; so using a premier wax product such as Fukken Wax will prolong the longevity of the boat.

Many harbor masters and water taxi owners are sending letters – raving about this Fukken new wax. A slick hull will breeze through the water with less drag; meaning greater fuel efficiency. Let’s face it, the fuel bill of having a boat is the greatest expense; right up there with repairs. The nicer you can keep the boat, the less costly your vessel will be and the longer it will last. Sailboats, cigarette boats, yachts, and fishing boats can all benefit by having a regular douse of Fukken Wax applied weekly or monthly for the best maintenance program on the planet.

Switch to Fukken Wax for your boat waxing regime and save time AND money… so you can spend more time out on the water and less time in the boat shop.