Anyone who has a bike definitely loves to take care of it and keep it shined up regularly. Whether it’s a Harley, Chopper, Performance Bike or Road King, motorcycle owners take pride in spending hours and hours making sure their bikes are hot looking for the next road trip. And even though a motorcycle is not very big, there are plenty of cracks and crevasses to cover.

Make no bones about it; a motorcycle takes a real beating from the sun, acid rain, dirt, rocks and everything in between. Keeping your bike clean can be a daunting task. No worries… with Fukken Wax you will learn the best ways to keep the shine on your motorcycle chrome and you’ll be ready to rumble to the next Bike Week!

  • The first thing you want to do is get the motorcycle off the ground to allow for easy access to wash and wax those hard to get places, like the pipes, clutch, sissy bar and little crevices. If not, life goes on so just wax your motorcycle in the driveway or garage.


  • The next step would be to extract any part possible that may get in the way, like the Saddle bags or the windshield. Remember that detailing your bike is supposed to be fun, so don’t go overboard or get complicated.


  • You’re almost ready. Find yourself a nice sponge and a bucket. Preferably a clean one, as you don’t want any dirt in there. Leftover dirt can scratch the paint. Make sure you have some Fukken Motorcycle Wax ready. It would be a Fukken tragedy if you didn’t use this amazing wax to detail your bike.


  • Make sure you use real motorcycle cleaner because even subtle cleaners like normal dish soap can take clear coat and paint right off your bike! Some even tarnish the chrome on your precious pipes. Ouch!


  • After you have thoroughly washed your bike, make sure to wipe down your bike with a chamois or “soft cloth”. Don’t leave any dirt or brake dust left untouched because it can cause corrosion. Now, you are ready to apply your Fukken Wax!


  • Just spray Fukken Wax in small spots on the patches you want to cover. It sprays on smooth and wipes off easy, like butter on your bike. Use a circular motion with very little effort necessary. It will take minutes, instead of hours to polish your motorcycle.

What you will reveal is a shine like the day you drove your motorcycle off the lot. Motorcycle owners take pride in their bikes, washing and waxing it often to keep it looking primo.

We realize that you have likely washed your bike before, but you can use this as a guideline or show it to your son so that he can earn his week’s allowance for shining your bike. Or maybe for those son-in-laws that want to be helpful. Either way, once you switch over to this Fukken Wax instead of spending lots of money and time detailing your bike, you will be amazed at the results. You’ll have all of your biker buddies wondering how you got that kick ass shine. Tell them you found some Fukken Bike Wax!