Interior Auto Detailing Tips You Never Knew!

 With Fü the outside of your car looks pretty good when you apply our car waxes, polishes and auto accessories. But what about the inside? You can’t overlook the interior of your car, which can often get even dirtier than the outside.

 Tricks of the trade. Secrets of the pros. Helpful tips. Whatever you want to call them, every profession has them. And, detailing cars is no exception! The difference between a good looking car or truck and a vehicle that is ready to dazzle at a show or really impress a customer is all in how you detail it.

 So, check out these interior detailing tips from the pros and get ready for great results!

 Interior Tips
If you are working alone, detail the interior of the car first!

This will allow the areas you work on to dry while you work on the exterior.

Do the driver\'s side first
Whether it\'s your car or someone else\'s, chances are someone will need to drive it after you detail it! Cleaning the driver\'s side before moving on to the rest of the interior will get you on the road faster, especially when speaking of cleaning or shampooing the upholstery.

 Clean the windows last
You\'re going to be moving around the interior, cleaning and vacuuming, so it\'s a good idea to leave the windows for last. Otherwise you\'re probably going to just smudge them and end up doing them twice!

 When you do get to the windows, lower them slightly and clean the top edges first. Then roll them back up and clean the rest.

 Keep cleaners off of surfaces they are not made for!
The tricky thing about cleaning cars is that cleaners for some surfaces really don\'t get along well with other surfaces. So, be sure to read the directions on every cleaner, and keep a few clean soft cloths on hand to wipe up any cleaners that end up in the wrong places. This is especially important when it comes to the instrument panel, which can become cloudy if the wrong stuff gets on it.

 Remove the seats to save time

If you are vacuuming or shampooing the upholstery of a vehicle, it\'s often tricky to work around the seats. In many cases, you\'re going to end up saving time by removing the seats. Just be sure to re-install them properly! Keep an eye out for sensor connections and seat belt clips, and reconnect everything when you\'re done.