How to Wax a Car Like a Professional Auto Detailer

 Welcome auto lovers! Thanks for visiting Fü, your source for the world\'s best Euro-style auto wax, accessories and professional auto detailing tips.

 So, if you\'re here on our site, you\'re someone who cares about their car and saving money. In today\'s uncertain economy, every penny counts, and waxing your own car can help you save money two ways: you don\'t have to pay an auto detailer to do it, and you\'re protecting the exterior of your car, helping it last longer.

 Your car\'s exterior finish is in a constant fight against everything from sun and rain, to road salt, bug guts, bird droppings and more. Protect it with Fükken Wax today!

 Here are 9 steps to a professional wax job for your car or truck:

 1. Choose the right wax

Simple. Fükken Wax is the best non-abrasive auto wax on the market. It comes in a convenient aerosol spray can and is safe for every paint surface. It\'s perfect for your car, truck, motorcycle, RV, boat or other water craft!

 2. Wash your car...if you want to

For the best possible results, it\'s always a good idea to wash your car thoroughly to remove all dirt and road grime from your finish. However, the beauty of the Fükken Wax waterless formula is that it cleans while it shines and protects. So, you can achieve beautiful results, with no washing required!

 3. Park in the shade
You want the surface of your car to be cool and dry for the best waxing results. So, if you do wash it, towel it off and park it in the shade.

 4. Spray a little wax onto a soft sponge and then apply in a smooth circular motion

A little Fükken Wax goes a long way, so just spray a quick burst onto your sponge. Then think of the first \"Karate Kid\" movie, and wax on! Start at the top of your car or truck and work your way over the entire surface in smooth clockwise circles, reapplying wax to your sponge as necessary. It\'s important to always apply the wax in the same direction, as you will later remove it by working in the opposite direction. We\'ll get to that in a minute!

 5. Avoid getting wax on rubber bumpers, matte painted surfaces like mirrors, window trim, plastic headlights and door seals etc.

These surfaces don\'t like wax, so keep a towel or rag handy to wipe wax off places you don\'t want it.

 6. Allow newly applied wax to haze for a few minutes

Take a break! Drink some iced tea, or if you\'re a workaholic, vacuum your interior or something while the wax hazes up.

 7. Wax off!

Once the wax is nice and cloudy looking all over, it\'s time to remove it. Use a clean, soft, dry terry cloth towel, cloth baby diaper or microfiber wipe, and work it gently in the opposite circular direction. Again, start at the top and save the bottom parts of your car or truck for last. Be sure to wipe off those non-wax-loving surfaces, too.

 8. One final wipedown...

Take another quick break, and then come back and inspect your work. If you see any streaks or hazy wax, give \'er one more wipedown with another clean cloth. And, that should do it!

 9. Give a whistle of satisfaction (final towel snap optional)!
Congratulations. You are now undoubtedly standing in front of the beautiful, shining pay-off for your work. Your car or truck\'s delicate painted surface is now protected and gleaming. Go show her off, and be sure to wax her back up every couple of months or so, depending on driving conditions!