How to Wash Chrome Rims & Wheels Like a Professional Auto Detailer

 It’s more great tips from Fü, the very best Euro-style auto wax on the planet and your source for accessories and super auto shine.

 If your car or truck is looking good, chances are you might hear someone whistle and say, \"Nice wheels!\" Well, let\'s talk about how to keep your actual wheels protected and looking their best.

 Let\'s face it. As much as we love to drive, the road is dirty. And, the wheels of your vehicle can quickly accumulate brake dust, grime and dirt. Not only does this dull those shiny chrome wheels or rims of yours, it can lead to marring and pitting of the surface. No good!

 The good news is your wheels now have a secret weapon — Fükken Chrome Wheel Wax! Our waterless formula makes it simple to clean and shine up your wheels with no washing required!

 Here are 4 simple steps to washing your wheels & rims:

 1. Use a sponge to apply Fükken Chrome Wheel Wax to chrome wheels & rims

Just spray some Fükken Chrome Wheel Wax on a sponge and wipe over the entire chrome surfaces of all four wheels or rims.

 2. Let Fükken Chrome Wheel Wax work its magic

Next let the wax remain on the wheel for a few minutes while its unique formula goes to work loosening up the dirt and grime.

 3. Wipe clean

Using, clean, dry towels or cloth diapers wipe off the dirt, grime and excess wax.


4. Give \'em the finishing touch

Give your wheels one more wipe with another clean cloth, and bamo. You are done!