How to Use Detailing Clay Properly

 Last time you joined us, Fü told you about detailing clay, a great concept in keeping your car clean and prolonging the life of your auto exterior.

 If you\'re serious about taking care of your car inside and out, and for that we salute you! When it comes to keeping your finish shiny, sleek and new, detailing clay is the way to go. It\'s the best method for removing damaging impurities such as brake dust, gravel, tree sap, bug guts, road debris and industrial fallout from your vehicle\'s finish. So, let\'s talk about how to use the stuff properly to make your car or truck shine, shine, shine!

 Follow these steps to use detailing clay the right way:

 1. Wash and dry your vehicle, and park it in the shade!

 2. Work on small sections of your car at a time

Spray clay lubricant on a small, maybe 2 foot section of your car. Then gently glide the clay bar over the wet area. The clay will feel sticky against the surface at first as it is grabbing those impurities out of your paint. When it glides easily over the surface, you know your paint is clean.

 3. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the area
The idea is to get that surface of your vehicle to feel as smooth as glass. So, once the clay bar is gliding easily over the area, wipe that spot down with a clean microfiber cloth. If any clay residue is left, hit it with a little clay lubricant spray and wipe again.

 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as necessary over the entire surface of your vehicle

Be sure to keep using the clay lubricant, and mold and remold the clay bar so that you are using its cleanest possible surface. And, go ahead and use it on your windows and chrome, too!

 5. Store your clay bar safely for the next use
Depending on its size your detailing clay bar should last for a couple of uses if cared for properly. Always moisten the clay bar with a little clay lubricant and store in its plastic case or an airtight plastic bag. Don\'t let leave it in a hot car, and don\'t let it freeze!

 6. Finish up with Fükken Wax or a quality sealant

Now that you\'ve removed those impurities from your car\'s surface, you need to seal up all those tiny pits and scratches to prevent corrosion. So, be sure to follow every detailing clay job with a thorough waxing. And, get ready to see your reflection again!