Aerosol Spray Car Wax has been used by NASCAR racing teams for years as a method to quickly and expertly re-shine the race car so that the sponsors\' logos will appear more highly visible.   Nothing will make a sponsor more upset than when their car finally wins the race, pulls into the pit stop for pictures, and the Company Brand is caked in dirt and grit! That kind of defeats their main purpose!

Now this product has been made available to the general public and is getting rave reviews! It\'s very easy to use and doesn\'t take a lot of time to apply. It\'s quick and easy without all of the elbow grease that is required when working with those more traditional white waxes.   Aerosol Spray Car Wax has been known to also be longer lasting than those traditional brands and is easily portable for last minute clean ups.

You can keep your car looking Show Room New at all times by keeping a can of Aerosol Spray Car Wax in your glove box. Or you can simply apply the car wax every month to keep it in tip top condition because these types of Aerosol Spray Car Wax have UV Protestants as well. Another added benefit is that by using Aerosol Spray Car Wax, you can keep your tires and electrical mechanisms clean of that unpleasant powdery white residue that comes with the old fashioned types of car wax.

It\'s very simple to use. Just spray it on the surface of your automobile and wipe it off! For best results, use a microfiber towel which you can use over and over again. You can apply the Aerosol Spray Car Wax without having to wash your car, too, which makes it another attractive quality for those of us who always want our vehicles to look their very best as all times.

There is no need to provide a lot of vigorous rubbing and excessive muscle to use this type of spray wax. So the days of baking in the hot sun for hours on end, rubbing and buffing, are long gone. It works really well with those little dings and scratches that sometimes occur due to falling debris, other car doors, or roadway hazards. By leaving the Aerosol Spray Car Wax on the car for just a few seconds longer before wiping it off with a clean microfiber towel, the car wax penetrates those unsightly scratches and makes them disappear almost instantly.