How to Enter Your Car in a Car Show

 Getting ready to enter your snazzy ride in an auto show? Fü dishes the best tips on how to make your car look car show ready with auto detailing tips galore.

 Whether it’s your first car show or the umpteenth, it’s pretty cool that you’ve made a hobby out of making your car look good. Here at Fükken Wax we salute you! Car shows are a car lover\'s paradise. Not only do you get to show off all the hard work you\'ve put into your car or truck, but you get to admire all the other beautiful cars in the show. And, you get to hob knob with other auto enthusiasts.

 Yup. Car shows are a pretty awesome way to spend the weekend, so...

 Here are 5 tips for participating in a car show:

 1. Locate a show that\'s right for you and your ride
There are lots of different shows out there, and the best way to find one that\'s right for you is to do a quick search online. Try the words \"find a car show” and several sites come up.

 We like the following: They let you search by state, by category and more. But, feel free to find your own favorite sites.

we have also recently implamented a free car show finder on our site, to search or post your shows.

 2. Get the details

Once you find a show that looks cool, check out all the information online, or give the organizer a call. Some are free, many are charity-based and request that you bring a donation item, and many have an entry fee. Some include fun events like parades, music and more. Some just take place in a parking lot. So, be sure to know the dealio in advance!

 3. Contact the show organizer to reserve your space

Space at car shows is almost always limited, so plan ahead. Whether you want to make a special trip out of the show or its right in your home town, be sure to sign up early!

 4. Decide whether your car is just for show or for sale

Some shows are just for fun and some or for money. Well, making money is fun, too! So, if you are planning to try to sell at the show, be sure you have all the necessary paperwork ready for a smooth transaction.

 5. Shine her up for the show!
Hey, it\'s no shame to admit it. One of the best parts of owning a show car is watching heads turn as you drive to the show! So, make sure your car or truck is shined up and ready to roll. And, once you\'re at the show, it\'s a good idea to keep detailing supplies handy for last minute touch-ups. Wonder where to get the best possible detailing products in the world? They\'re right here!