Nowadays, it seems like there a million car wax products to keep automobiles in tip-top condition. Many auto waxes have race car sponsored support, and every one of them claims to be the best. The truth is there are very few products that actually back up their claims with performance. We set out to see just who has an edge in the “fast wax” industry and who doesn’t quite have what it takes to make your car shine.

According to most people on the message boards and internet circles, there are two auto wax products that can be identified at the top of the car waxing market; FUKKEN WAX and FW1 Wax. Each wax has many similarities, yet a few stark differences.

One of the main differences that users of FW1 wax vs. Fukken Wax have revealed is the fact that Fukken Wax is designed in Germany, and made the United States. This is really not a big deal breaker, other than the revelation that the Germans are known for their ingenuity when it comes to cars. In fact, car making is synonymous with high quality when it comes to German engineered car products. Therefore Fukken Wax automatically gets a brownie point for car wax resourcefulness.

However, the similarities between FW1 wax and Fukken Wax are actually closer than one might think. Here are some noticeable characteristics of both Fukken Wax auto wax and FW1 Wax:

  • Both FW1 Wax and Fukken Wax are used by spraying the wax on an applied surface.
  • Fukken Wax and FW1 auto wax both use the main ingredient Carnauba Wax.
  • Both FW1 Wax and Fukken Wax are guaranteed to bring the shine to your automobile or your money back.
  • FW1 Wax and Fukken Wax are both waterless
  • You can increase the life of your paint by using either Fukken Wax or FW1 Wax.

Even with these similarities, there is still one major difference between the two auto waxes, and that’s the price. You can purchase a whole can of Fukken Wax for $14.95. If you want some FW1 wax you can expect to pay $19.95 for a 17 ½ oz can. Even if you only need one can of car wax per month to keep your shine alive; that’s an extra fifty dollars each year that could be kept in your pocket for something else. If you have more than one car, you can maintain the shine with Fukken Wax, knowing that the savings could easily double. You can trust the Germans to come up with shiny cars!

Hence, the only major difference between FW1 Wax car wax and Fukken Wax distinctively is the price. If you’re looking for a low cost way to keep your vehicles as shiny as possible, then Fukken Wax is your product. For more information on how to get a bottle of Fukken Wax, visit www.fukkenwax.com