Not Just Another Wannabe Car Wax

It’s tough finding a car wax on the market today that actually does what it is supposed to do. Yes, there are heaps of waxes out there that look like a wax, feel like a wax and smell like a wax– but when it comes time to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape and shining from hood to bumper, those waxes seem to resemble more of a slimy lotion that quite frankly will probably work better on the cracking corns of your feet. Say goodbye to the junk of the past and say hello to Fukken Wax!

A Wax that is Right for Any Vehicle

Here is where you will find out how Fukken Wax is different than the rest. The “professional” auto detailers don’t want you to know about it because it blows away all of the competition! Fukken Wax is an aerosol spray car wax that you truly will not believe until you try it for yourself. From the bells and whistles of a Maserati or Ferrari; to the clinks and clanks of a Pinto or Oldsmobile – Fukken Wax is perfect for any beloved lift! Wonderfully safe for all cruisers, we have a wax that is a combination of petroleum distillates and cleaning solvents concocted to surround, lubricate and illuminate your ride that will make you the envy of any neighborhood.

Best Ingredients for the Best Car Owners

Thousands of car owners have been looking for best all-in-one car wax on the market and finally, they have found it. Assembled with the best ingredients, featuring the highest quality # 14 Carnauba car wax, Fukken Wax comes in an easy-to-use Aerosol can that lets you buff out, spray on and get the hoots and hollers you remember from when your ride was brand new. Fukken Wax will not guarantee instant sexual attention from the opposite sex, but it most certainly wouldn’t surprise us if this came to fruition. Add years to the life of your car with a wax that separates itself from the rest of the pack. Expect 8-10 weeks (depending on weather and driving conditions) of sheer glow and shine that your car hasn’t seen in years and attention you haven’t seen in decades.

Save Money and Save your Car with Fukken Wax

Never wash your car again and stop wasting those hard earned dollars on useless drive-through car washes. Simply spray the wax on your car, boat or motorcycle, rub in and buff to a shine. No more soap, water, sponges – and no more accidental hose soakings. Life is easier with Fukken Wax and we look forward to being a part of it!