For many car owners, there is no right or wrong when it comes to finding some car wax to shine up the car. The reality is that there are many great types of automobile waxing products out there that are just unworthy competitors. This is not a bad-mouth review of any particular car wax product, such as Fast Wax, FM1 Wax or Fukken Wax (notice they all begin with the letter ‘F’?).
Yet, with the hectic lifestyle of today’s busy people, many simply don’t have the time to sit around and rub wax on and wax off their cars for hours on end. People need something that will only take seconds to apply and rub off for the ultimate shine. If this sounds about right, than what you are looking for is Fukken Wax.
Even though waxes like Fast Wax all claim to be the fastest working wax on the market, the truth is that nearly all of the leading car wax companies use one main similar ingredient called Carnauba Wax (which, interestingly enough can also befound in Brazilian palm leaves). This particular ingredient is responsible for bringing up the shine to most metal surfaces that includes; chrome, stainless steel, fiberglass, and paint. In fact, you will find that nearly every leading brand of waterless wax uses Carnauba Wax, including Fast Wax, FM1 Wax and Fukken Wax. The true difference between leading products like Fukken Wax versus Fast Wax has more to do with the price and how easy it is to obtain the product.
Most Fast Wax products cost around $19.95 a bottle and often try to encourage you to buy more than one bottle at a time. That may be cost effective or not, depending on how long these car waxes really last. One great thing about buying a bottle of amazing Fukken Wax is that you can buy a bottle for $14.95 and it will last much longer than Fast Wax.
Even if you’re not a mathematician, you can figure out that saving money by using Fukken Wax is a smart way to go. In fact, if you have an auto detailing shop or go to a lot of a car shows, you can save big time money by buying Fukken Wax in volume. The next time you go to shine up your car, boat, motorcycle or ATV, there is only one brand of wax to trust to get the job done… not Fast Wax or FM1 Wax… it’s Fukken Wax, baby!