Exterior Auto Detailing Tips You Never Knew!

 Fükkenwax.com gives you the most auto tricks of the trade to keep your car looking showroom shiny and mint. Did you know that cleaning your car frequently increases the longevity? Yeah, everyone needs a good scrub from time to time, even your wheels.

 The difference between a good looking car or truck and a vehicle that is ready to dazzle at a show or really impress a customer is all in how you detail it. We focused on interior tips in the last blog entry, so let\'s now talk about what everyone sees first — the exterior!

 Exterior Tips

Wash the lower areas of the car first

Your wheels, fenders, wheel wells etc. get really grimy, so get all those areas clean before washing the rest of the car. Otherwise you\'ll tend to spatter the grimy stuff all over the body you just washed!

 Clay the car before waxing or sealing

Even if you don\'t have time to do the whole surface of the car, it\'s a good idea to use fine grade clay to remove impurities from the hood, roof and trunk areas of the vehicle. Be sure to use the proper clay lubricant and follow up with a wax job using Fükken Wax.

 If the car is really dirty, you might need to wash and dry it before using the detailing clay. But, if there\'s not too much build-up you can get away with using the clay bar during the wash step.

 Clean / Dress the trim and tires before waxing or sealing
It\'s a good idea to clean all those rubber, plastic or vinyl surfaces that don\'t like wax before you wax the car. The reason? Dressing these surfaces will make them more resistant to absorbing any wax you might accidentally get on them later. The unwanted wax will wipe off much more easily if those surfaces have just been dressed. Likewise, the dressing for the trim and tires doesn\'t hurt painted surfaces, and any that does get on the painted surface will come of easily with waxing.

 Wheel wells like to be dressed, too!

They are often neglected, but clean wheel wells are key to a completely clean-looking car. You can hit those areas with diluted or cheaper dressing solutions to save a little money. Your customer and your car will thank you!