As a matter of fact, everyone wants to drive a car that looks as good as possible and considering the same, car wash is an absolute necessity. However, each car wash consumes approximately fifteen gallons of water. With unending scrambling for preservation of water, traditional way of car washing seems like a mammoth waste of a precious commodity such as water. Besides, millions of gallons of water that gets contaminated with dirt and toxic cleaning agents run off directly into the oceans and waterways. In such a scenario, eco-friendly waterless car cleaneris steadily becoming the best way to wash your car.
Packed in one easy-to-use product, waterless car wash spray offer a superior substitute to the environmentally hazardous and laborious car washing procedures of the past. Additionally, these cleanersare time and effort saving too!Withwaterless car wash technology, simply spray on, wipe a bit before buffing to a shine! And you are done! No mess. No buckets. No sponges!
 Waterless Car Wash Spray - How it Works
Technological advancements in the development of state-of-the-art car cleaning products allow safe washing of cars without any sort of damage to the paint.A waterless car cleaner is composed of varieties of different ingredients such as lubricants, wetting agents, and protectants. While the wetting agent disintegrates the grime on the car surface, the lubricant fastens a fine layer of protectant to the surface. The protectant offers an additional layer of protection against any muck that is not busted by the wetting agent.
Mostwaterless spray cleanerscontain a novel type of wax that comes in the form of polymers in contrast to the conventionally used carnauba or bee\'s wax. Polymers are especially engineered to provide a supplementary layer of protection to the car surface.
 Easy Application Process
Applying waterless car wash sprayis an extremely easy task.It neither involves commodious labor nor high pressure rubbing. If used the right way, waterless spray cleaners impart water-beading and an incredible shine to car surfaces that is far better than regular car washes. For superlative results, apply waterless car cleanerat least once-a-month. Regular cleaning with waterless spray cleanerswill keep your car in top condition since they not only remove destructive elements that impair the paint but also seal it with a protective layer.