Auto enthusiasts and vehicle owners can greatly extend the life of their automobiles with Fukken Wax, the greatest Fukken wax on the planet! Now this dealership-approved wax is available to consumers around the country and we are able to ship as few as one can to a case of 12 cans for those who have multiple automobiles to wax.

 Professional car care products can be found in most auto parts stores, however if you want to use the car care products that the pros choose most, our Fukken Wax Euro-style auto wax, accessories and professional auto supplies will rise to the challenge of even the most dirty or decayed paint to bring back a glossy shine like never before.

 Protecting your vehicle from the elements – such as sun, rain, snow, sleet or all kinds of weather – is noticeably different when you use Fukken Wax car care products instead of “regular” car care products. From the grit caused by road salt, bugs or bird droppings, you can use our special Fukken Wax microfiber clothes to ensure a scratch-free and smooth application.

 Why Fukken Wax car care products make the difference

 Our car care products use a premium formula that is waterless, waste-less and of the highest caliber ingredients. Based upon a European car care solution, we devised Fukken Wax to offer superior shine that is easy to apply, wipe off and that will resist many different types of weather extremes and climates.

 Whether you live in the sunshine state of Florida or the rainy state of Washington, or the snowy state of New Hampshire or the smog-filled state of New York, you’ll find Fukken Wax car care products to do the job you need it to with reliability and integrity.

 Just one 17.5 oz can of Fukken Wax will leave your car, truck, limo, motorcycle or other means of transportation so shiny it will look like you just drove it off the showroom. And the next time it rains, you’ll notice how nice Fukken Wax repels the drips and rain bullets that bead up on your windshield. See clearly and keep your vehicle in the best condition with our high quality car care products. The Fukken Wax is made for our customers in mind to give you a professional car care product at an affordable price.

 All of our Fukken Wax car care products are guaranteed to please, so whether you order one can or a whole case, we’ve got you covered!