Auto Detailing with Fukken Wax

Do you remember, “Clap on! Clap off! The Clapper!”? Well even if you don’t, the point is – simplicity in a product! You clap – and the light comes on. Clap again – it’s off. It’s effortless; no need to get out of your chair. That is the same premise that car care by Fukken Wax illustrates.

We made a car waxing product to make it easy to keep your vehicle looking great: Wax your car! Wax your truck! Wax your SUV or your hybrid! Whatever you drive, it will look sharp all the time when you use the hottest, best new car care product to hit the market in a few years! Fukken Wax! You’ll be so happy with Fukken Wax; you may start waxing stuff that doesn’t even need it, like your mailbox… or the Fukken dog!

Seriously…we asked ourselves, do we like to wax our cars? The answer in the conference room was a collective “Nope!” Next question – do we like paying to have our car detailed? Collective answer, another “Negative.”

Well we can tell you that professional detailers will not only use our product, they will be upset to learn that it is readily available to the public. They know that more and more car owners are going to start waxing their own car once they discover this effortless Fukken Wax. It’s an aerosol spray! No more messy application of waxes and your hands and wrists aching afterward. Now, your car or truck will look showroom shiny and all you need to do is:

Spray on! Wipe off! “Spray on – wipe off – Fukken Wax!” We also provide Fukken Wheel Wax that will have your tires looking brand new, too. If you are tired of your car looking worn out and dirty, it’s time for you to let it shine! Give your car a quick and easy facelift, with a can of Fukken Wax that costs about 15% of what a detailer would charge you for a good wax job. You will achieve professional looking results – seamless, streakless, and beautiful! No lines and patches and splotches. Just smooth, shiny metal – the way your car is supposed to look! Inspired by European car detailing, this product is well worth the low cost. One can cleans the average size vehicle, and your car will stay shiny for up to 3 weeks!

Toss out the dried up, cakey, messy cans of yucky car wax and forget about needing 20 rags to finish buffing. You are about to find out how easy car waxing can be – with car care the Fukken Wax way!